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Romo closer to 100%; Jaguars add pools to stadium; Memory of Sean Taylor inspires 49ers rookie; Santana Moss enjoying his twilight years

A look at the top Redskins and NFL stories around the league.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone! Welcome to "Sloppy Seconds" your afternoon recap of all the latest news around the NFL.

OPEN THREAD: Is center a concern for the Redskins? - CSN

All indications from training camp would say no, Kory Lictensteiger has been praised thus far in OTA's for his transition from guard to center. However, he will have to prove it with the pads on before you can label the center position solved.

Moss is having fun in the twilight of his career - CSN

Santana Moss seems to be enjoying the (short) time he has left in the NFL. With a crowded receiving depth chart it would be hard to see the 35 year old making the roster. However, Coach Gruden has praised Moss early, and from this article by Rich Tandler it seems Moss may be the perfect veteran presence to teach the younger players how to prepare and pass on some of his knowledge from a fantastic NFL career.

Tony Romo closer to 100 percent - ESPN

It would appear that Tony Romo is getting healthier, and Romo even claim that he could play a game now if it came down to it. As long as he's healthy to for the week 17 match-up I'll be happy...

Richard Sherman lobbies for "Legion" - ESPN

Richard Sherman won the 2015 Madden Cover vote over Cam Newton. However, Sherman wants the "Legion of Boom" to accompany him on the cover. That would mean four players on the cover, and the most that has ever been on the cover is two. (2010, Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu were on the cover)

Jaguars to have poolside cabanas - ESPN

The Jaguars have done quite a bit to improve this off-season. However, when I read this story all I could imagine was fans using the pools saying: "Well we might be losing, but at least were getting a tan".

Need to Know: The 5 worst pass defenses on the Redskins' 2014 schedule - CSN

No need for RGIII to even think about taking off running these five weeks. The Redskins should (Keyword: should) have a field day throwing the ball against these five teams with a healthy RGIII and the weapons the team has added this off-season. It will be a nice change to watch someone else's defense get the ball thrown all over them...

Memory of cousin inspires 49ers rookie - ESPN

The memory of Sean Taylor still has an impact on NFL players today, including Talyor's cousin Kieth Reaser. Reaser has watched every game of his older cousins career, and says that he learned his passion and work ethic for the game from Taylor. Reaser will try to make his role-model proud with the San Francisco 49ers, who drafted him in the fifth round of this May's draft.

Redskins look for leader to replace Fletcher - ESPN

Although London Fletcher's play on the field was obviously declining in 2013, no one questioned Fletcher's ability to lead this defense. Fletcher's leadership may be the toughest thing for the Redskins to replace. ESPN's John Keim takes a look at a few possible candidates to replace Fletcher's leadership role on the Redskins defense.