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Washington Redskins 2014 Player Profile: Courtney Bridget, Defensive Back

Examining Washington Redskins new defensive back Courtney Bridget, and how he fits with the Redskins.

Name: Courtney Bridget

Position: Corner Back

College: Hampton (Transferred from UNLV)

Height: 6' 2 5/8"

Weight: 188 lbs

Draft Status: Undrafted Free Agent

Twitter: @DontThrowAt21__

Senior Year Stats:

Solo Tackles: 22

Assisted Tackles: 29

Total Tackles: 51

Pass Break Ups: 5

2014 Outlook:

Courtney Bridget is an interesting prospect for the Washington Redskins. Bridget possesses Richard Sherman like measurables, standing at almost 6’3' 190 pounds and ran the 40 in 4.58 seconds (Sherman ran it in 4.54 seconds). Bridget does a good job of using his length to his advantage, driving on the ball and making plays, against lesser competition than he will now see in the NFL, but current Redskins Chris Baker also attended Hampton and he has done just fine.

I had a chance to talk to Courtney, who has made it clear that going undrafted had an effect on him, which has put a chip on his shoulder. Bridget told me that he has a list of every corner selected in the draft, and he looks at it every day before practice. My favorite quote from Bridget was: "If they need me to long snap I’ll long snap, whatever it takes to make the Redskins a better team." Bridget also said that he believes his upside and potential outweighs a lot of guys from bigger schools. Bridget has an uphill battle to make the Redskins roster, but he has the right attitude from the start, he has everything to prove and he is leaving everything on the field.

Roster Bubble: Training Camp Player

Bridget is a developmental project that will be on the practice squad in 2014. However, Bridget has what you can’t teach, size. If the Redskins can coach him up and develop him, Bridget has the physical tools to be an effective corner in the NFL. Only time will tell if the Hampton product will ever make the 53-man roster or an impact for the Redskins, but he is more than capable of doing so. The Redskins have not been great at developing late round and undrafted college prospects to add cheap depth to their roster.  Bridget is just the type of player with a high up-side the Redskins have to improve on developing. Bridget will be an interesting player to watch in training camp and the next few years, but for now he will remain on the Redskins practice squad.