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NFL Draft Results: Redskins select Virginia OT Morgan Moses with 66th pick

With their second pick, the Redskins take...

Redskins select Morgan Moses with the 66th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Find his Hogs Haven profile here.

Redskins select the free-falling offensive tackle from Virginia. Looks like Moses is expected to get slotted into the right tackle spot, after the poor play of Polumbus last year. Moses has a high ceiling and a massive body, but has struggled with his weight while playing. Probably the last of the high ceiling tackles left. Redskins come away filling a position of need.

SB Nation's Virginia blog Streaking The Lawn said of Moses:

Anyone who has seen Morgan play at Virginia the past four years has seen both the talent that propelled him into the first three rounds, and the inconsistency that kept him out of the first two. At 6-foot-6 and 314 pounds, Morgan has the one trait that can't be coached: size. Hopefully the slimmed down, more athletic, Moses 2.0 can get deeper bend in his hips and knees to make the most of his gargantuan frame.

SB Nation interviewed Moses earlier this year and when asked about what he needs to work on, he said:

I really don't think there's one thing that I need to work on. Being a football player, you can work on everything. I'm not going to sit here and say I'm the most well-rounded football player out here. There's a lot of aspects of my game that I'm working on that I'd like to get better. But I'm not going to sit and point out just one thing. I think I have to get better at it all.