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Talent On the Board Could Allow The Redskins To Trade Back

A look at the Redskins key decision with the 34th pick in the NFL Draft.

Patrick McDermott

Given the amount of top talent and depth in this draft the Redskins are in a prime position to trade back in this draft and stockpile picks as they look to rebuild this roster. While the Redskins would likely have to give up their top choice at 34, with so much talent that makes sense for the Redskins still on the board, they can trade back and still land a player that fits their needs and draft board.

Given the number of needs of the Redskins and a fairly old roster this is probably the best option for them. Here are three possible trade options and some various scenarios that can come from it:

Trading Up for a QB:

-Among the top tier quarterbacks in this draft only one, Derek Carr, remains. The Texans took Carr's older brother 12 years ago with the number 1 pick in the first round. They might not want to go down that road again, given how the fan base probably views him. If they don't trade the pick, there is a real chance Carr will still be available when the Redskins are on the clock. This could cause some teams to want to jump up and get him.

Teams that could Trade up: Raiders, Buccaneers, Titans, Rams

Why they would trade up - The Raiders need a QB of the future and are reportedly in love with Carr, they might not want to risk someone jumping them to land a QB. The Bucs say they are sticking by Mike Glennon, but that can change quickly if Carr becomes an option for them. It's a new coaching staff and Josh McCown is only a 1-2 year stop gap. The Titans are another team with a new staff and they don't seem to be happy with Jake Locker. Carr could be good fit for Ken Whisenhunt's offense. The Rams are reportedly looking for a QB to have behind Sam Bradford in case Bradford can't stay healthy or doesn't take his game to the next level.

Most likely to make a move: Raiders and Titans

Potential Deals:

Raiders: Oakland trades 36 (2nd), 219 (7th), 247 (7th)

-This isn't a big trade back for the Redskins so it could allow them to either still get the guy they are targeting or make another trade back just a couple spots below. For the Raiders it's a small price to pay (even for a team with a depleted roster) to land their QB of the future.

Titans: Tennessee trades 42 (2nd), 112 (4th), 228 (7th)

-The Redskins would jump back a fairly small amount and get a good return with two picks, including an early 4th rounder. Since they wouldn't jump back too far they should still get a guy they were considering at 34.

Trading up for a WR:

-Though it is considered a deep WR draft, Marqise Lee is considered a good value by most here. He also has almost no chance of slipping since the Browns are at 35 and are considered a favorite to land him.

Teams that could trade up for him: Jaguars, Rams, Jets, 49ers

Why they would make the Move: The Jaguars want to surround Blake Bortles with weapons and they have some extra picks to deal from. The Rams are still lacking that top WR and with their impact players from round 1, could be looking to make another big splash here. The Jets passed on a WR in round 1, but they desperately need help here. They might choose to wait, but Lee could be too tempting to pass up. The 49ers just traded for Stevie Johnson, but with the contracts due next year on Boldin and Crabtree they could still be thinking WR here. All four of these teams have extra picks so trading up may be easier for them.

Most likely to make a move: Jaguars, 49ers

Potential Deals:

Jaguars: Jacksonville trades 39 (2nd) and 114 (4th)

-After passing on Sammy Watkins the Jags probably really want to ensure they get a quality weapon in this draft. Grabbing Lee would not only help Bortles on the field, but it would help calm down the part of the fan base that wanted Watkins in the 1st round. The Jags use their extra 4th here to move up 5 spots. Jacksonville has a lot of extra picks so they may be willing to throw in their late 6th or early 7th rounder to sweeten the deal. For the Redskins it's a nice return on a small trade back.

49ers: San Francisco trades 56 (2nd), 77 (3rd) and 129 (4th)

-The 49ers could look to make a splash here and with as many picks as they have this year they could look to grab an impact guy. They look set at WR for this season, but beyond that it's very murky. Lee could be a WR who grows with Kaepernick and becomes his favorite target when some of these guys move on. The Redskins would have to move back to the late 2nd round, but do pick up an early-mid 3rd rounder and a late 4th rounder. That 3rd round could be a very good player and in a deep draft like this that 4th has some nice value as well. This deal would give the Skins 5 picks before the 5th round and in the top 130.

Trading up for a Defensive Player:

-Though the hype is on Carr and Lee in terms of trading up, some teams could be very interested in jumping up to get one of the top DL still on the board. Names like Louis Nix (assuming the Texans don't take him), Kony Ealy, Stephon Tuitt, RaShede Hageman, Timmy Jernigan among others are likely to generate some serious interest. Especially from teams in the middle to late round who probably thought they wouldn't get a shot at them. The down side for the Redskins is they would likely be trading back farther and it would be to a team targeting a guy they might want.

Teams that could trade up: Cowboys, Bears, Cardinals, 49ers, Broncos

Why they could be interested: For each team it could be a different player, but all 5 of these teams could use some more defensive talent and could be very intrigued with the guys on the board. For the 49ers, Cards and Broncos, they are really looking for impact guys and probably don't feel they will see that talent where they sit right now.

Most Likely to Make A Move: Cowboys, Bears

Potential Deals:

Cowboys: Dallas trades 47 (2nd), 78 (3rd) and 238 (7th)

-Cowboys are desperate for defensive line help and that could make them make a jump up the draft board here to get one of the top guys still there, as opposed to just waiting to see what falls to them. From the Redskins perspective they move back to the middle of the round and pick up a 3rd and 7th for their troubles. They shouldn't have any concern about trading with a division rival. If they don't take the deal the Browns or Raiders right behind them might take the exact same deal, still allowing the Cowboys to get their guy.

Bears: Chicago trades 51 (2nd), 81 (3rd) and 183 (6th)

-The Bears need a defensive tackle in the worst way and there are some really good options still on the board. The problem is it's very unlikely any of them last to the 51st pick. Here they trade their 3rd and the 6th they got from the Buccaneers to get their guy. The Redskins do move back a bit further here and they might actually push for the Bears 5th rounder in this deal. But a mid 3rd rounder and early 6th isn't a bad deal for them.

What do you guys think? What deals make sense? Would you consider multiple trade backs? Say trading back to Oak or Jacksonville's pick and then make a bigger move back to Chicago's or San Francisco's (though probably not getting the full trade from them)?