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Washington Redskins On Deck -- Will Be On the Clock Shortly after 7 PM

Don't go too far from your television after 7 PM--the Washington Redskins will be on the clock very shortly after the top of the hour.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

First thing's first: great job last night at DeAngelo Hall's Draft Party by Harrison Weinhold, Keely Diven, Mike Harar, Marc Shea, and Chris Lesage for putting on a great live show at The Bracket Room. I also wanted to thank Sean and HogHunter for manning things on the site last night, and I want to thank all the writers in advance for crushing it this weekend as the Redskins add new members to the family. We'll be doing our best to get posts up as the picks are announced, and I'll be hanging out in the open threads later to celebrate us drafting an offensive lineman (pleasepleasepleaseplease).

One day after picking Blake Bortles as the best player in this draft, I am lamenting the fact that it is Jacksonville who has to step up and make me right. I'm not feeling so hot about that, but I guess it is better than having to be the guy who follows in Charlie Frye's footsteps in Cleveland (and Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden). Johnny Football in Cleveland is kind of awesome. He can't hurt us too badly there, so it is okay if you watch his career with interest. It is a great position to be in for a guy who already understands what it is to have the hopes and dreams of an entire fanbase squarely on his shoulders. If he flames out in Cleveland, nobody outside of Cleveland will get too worked up. If he becomes a savior, pretty much everyone is going to be on his jock. Lebron who?

Mark's Big Board looked pretty good to me this morning. I still say we take Cyrus Kouandjio, but the closer we get to the actual pick, the more I also feel like the Redskins are going to trade down. If Houston passes on Derek Carr, we should take quite a few calls from folks looking to move up and get him.

Let the real debate begin!