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NFL 2014 Draft Open Thread: We Finally Made It

The rumors only have hours left to swim around our heads and hearts.


The time has come for reality to storm the beaches and wrest control away from the evil axis of smokescreens, rumor mills and Mel Kiper's hair. Today is our Independence Day (picture me saying this standing on my couch with a bullhorn, with my hair styled to resemble Bill Pullman's, while my family stares blankly at me, wondering why I repeatedly assume that such speeches can and will inspire hope and greatness).

(Also, I mean Bill Pullman's hair from Spaceballs, not Independence Day.)

We made it to the freaking draft. Hallelujah!

Where's the tailgate?

P.S. I will still be appearing at the Bracket Room this evening with Mike, Harrison, Keely, Marc and Chris...along with DeAngelo Hall and his friends/teammates. It does NOT appear DeSean Jackson will be in attendance.