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Washington Redskins Dream Draft

I have a dream...


Great.  Another mock draft.  Not so fast, folks.  This article is dedicated to the Washington Redskins dream draft scenario.  We all have different ideas of the very best way this draft could go down for our beloved 'Skins, but they pretty much all include finding some help for our defense and along the offensive line.  We've only got a couple days left until the real thing finally gets here and we're all starting to froth at the mouth waiting to overanalyze all the new shiny toys on our team.

Well this article is designed for maximum froth.

I think many of us would love to trade down in this draft and acquire some extra picks, but I'm not one of those people.  I think this is a building process and I don't think the Redskins will be Super Bowl contenders this year.  Sorry to burst anyone's bubble...

Over Mike Shanahan's tenure it seemed that he cared a great deal about competition at every position.  No doubt that's a good thing.  The only problem was that we had competition amongst a bunch of average or below average players.  It's great to have depth, but at some point this team needs to acquire some real talent.  I think DeSean Jackson was a great start.

That's the main reason why I don't want to trade down (and with only six picks, I obviously don't want to trade up).  I would be OK trading down at the right price, depending on who's still available, but with so much uncertainty and variability in the first 33 picks, it's almost impossible to predict if someone worthy of another team trading up will be available.  It's also almost impossible to predict if someone we'd really like will be available later in the second.  I say stand pat and find a first round talent.

And so, without further ado...

The 2014 Washington Redskins Dream Draft

Second Round, 34th Pick

  • Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame
  • Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech
  • Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG, UCLA

In this dream draft scenario the 'Skins were fortunate enough to have a few players with first rounds grades/talent fall to them.  Besides, everyone keeps going with Kouandjio, so that would be too boring.

Nix would provide the true, huge, space-eating, double-team-eating, run-stuffing man who would step in and hold down the true NT position.  This would allow Cofield to slide out to DE opposite of the newly acquired Jason Hatcher for a scary-good defensive line.  Nix is upwards of 330 lbs and could be a better B.J. Raji.

Fuller is a top three CB in this draft and hails from the same local school that DeAngelo Hall comes from.  I think he could be as good or better than Hall and DeAngelo isn't getting any younger.  Hopefully Amerson progresses this year and Porter shows that he can at least hold his own, but Fuller could be brought in as a legitimate #1 CB for the 'Skins for the next decade.  He could probably start right away and would certainly help our porous secondary.

Su'a-Filo probably makes Chester expendable and saves the team a lot of money now and in the immediate future.  He's considered by most to be the best interior offensive lineman in this draft and Redskins fans are well aware of just exactly how bad the interior of our line was last year.  We're all looking for the next Hog (to go along with TW) and this guy has the makings of a Hog.

The Pick: Louis Nix

Nix is too good to pass up.  He's the best NT in this draft and would solidify arguably the most important position on the weakest unit of our team.  He's a truly amazing blend of quicks and size and has shown that he can get up and down the line, rush the passer, stuff the run, and take on multiple blockers.  Off to a good start.

Third Round, 66th Pick

  • Terrence Brooks, FS, Florida St.
  • Lamarcus Joyner, CB, Florida St.
  • Marcus Martin, C, USC

Terrence Brooks would provide us with a young FS that has shown the instincts, athleticism, and speed that are sorely missing from our current secondary.  He lacks a little bit of size and that's what helps him slide all the way to the third round in our dream scenario, but this man is a true FS that would compete for a starting job right from the onset of training camp.  Matched up with our other young safetys (Rambo and Thomas) we could be set at the safety positions for years to come.

Joyner is a gem of a CB in the third round and would also compete for a starting spot from day one.  He's small, but the man can hit with the best of them, plays wildly well against the run, and has shown the versatility to play CB and/or safety.  Our secondary sure could use a Swiss Army knife like him.  Having him with Hall, Amerson, and Porter and our CB corp. would be set for now and the future.

Marcus Martin is viewed by many as the best C in this draft class.  We currently have Kory Lichtensteiger at C... and that's it.  Martin would almost assuredly be an immediate upgrade and starter.  He's got ideal size and nastiness and in this dream he actually fell to the third round.  Could be the next Alex Mack...

The Pick: Lamarcus Joyner

Let's face it, our secondary needs help.  Our entire defense needs help.  We spent a majority of our FA period/money on the offensive side of the ball and that side was already better than our defense.  It's a passing league and we need playmakers on the backend.  That's what Joyner is, a playmaker.  With Orakpo, Kerrigan, Hatcher, Cofield, and now Nix all rushing the passer, guys like Hall and Joyner will be having a field day back there.  Our defense is getting younger and way more talented...

Fourth Round, 102nd Pick

  • Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee
  • Dakota Dozier, OG, Furman
  • Deone Bucannon, SS, Washington St.

Finally!  An OT is an option in this stupid thing.  Value can still be found in the fourth round in the Redskins' dream, and Richardson is still on the board at #102.  Put him in the competition with Compton and Polumbus right from the beginning and see how things shake out.  He's got the size that we as fans and Gruden as a HC are looking for on our line to give RGIII some better protection.  He's too big for pass rushers to easily get around or through and he just paves the way in the run game.  We'd be able to run to both sides of the line!

Dozier could provide similar help.  He has crazy good athleticism for a man his size and finding someone his size to put on the interior of our porous line sure would help.  He could compete with Chester on that right side and provide a stable presence on the interior.  You're welcome RGIII.

Bucannon is a name that's been thrown around in this community for the 'Skins a lot lately and you'd have to think they'd be thrilled if he were still on the board at #102.  Hey, this is a dream.  Deone is strong.  He could compete for a starting spot and is probably better than Rambo or Thomas right now.  Who knows, he might be better than Meriweather or Clark.  With Meriweather's knee history and Clark's age, safety is a sketchy position for us.  It's been the biggest problem spot on this team for quite some time now, and Meriweather/Clark don't exactly fix the problem.  Neither do an untested, previously injured rookie in Thomas or what we've seen from Rambo.  Bucannon shores up our biggest sore spot for years.

The Pick: Deone Bucannon

I'm not crazy.  I know we haven't drafted an offensive lineman, yet.  This is my dream.  Look at how much better our pathetic defense is.  Nix, Joyner, and now Bucannon?!  That's an incredible haul!  I know we can't fix everything in one draft, but our defense needs immediate help.  Our safeties are older and injured.  Our defensive line is older.  This adds that youth, athleticism, and talent that we've been starving for.  Our secondary has probably been our biggest weakness for two years running now.  Well not anymore.  Bucannon provides that versatile safety that Haslett has been looking for and for a bargain.  We could have a fourth round pick starting for day one in the back.  It's better than a sixth round pick, anyway...

Fifth Round, 142nd Pick

  • Dri Archer, WR, Kent St.
  • Trai Turner, OG, LSU
  • Cameron Fleming, OT, Stanford

OK, we've gotten our fill of defense and now we're down in for-sure BPA territory.  Even on our team you wouldn't be looking at a fifth rounder to start, but you can still find talent.  We have to take into account who our HC is.  Jay Gruden is a QB and an OC.  He likes offense.  You can count on him picking up some of "his" offense guys in this draft at some point.

I heard a lot of people around here clamoring for Dexter McCluster and Darren Sproles earlier this year.  Well here's your guy.  Our special teams was absolutely abysmal last year and our FO has done a lot to improve that this offseason.  The guys they've brought in can play on ST's, but aren't necessarily return-type guys.  And I doubt we'll want DeSean Jackson returning everything as he'll be integral to our offense.  Archer is a McCluster clone.  Gruden could use him like Andrew Hawkins last year.  He could line up in the slot, out of the backfield, play WR, play RB, return punts, return kicks...  He's a chess piece for Gruden and would serve perfectly in that role on offense and ST's.

Turner is another powerful interior lineman who could clear some serious holes for AlMo.  He's got great size and Allen, Gruden, Snyder, and co. may want to see if he's got what it takes to find a spot on the team.  Turner's known for his run blocking and may struggle a bit in pass protection.  Then again, he'd be competing against Chester, LeRib, and Gettis, so he doesn't have to be an All-Pro to make an impact.  If Turner impresses or LeRib shows up out of shape again, Chester, LeRib, or Gettis could be really pushed by this guy.

Fleming is a huge powerful tackle who is good enough to compete with Compton and Polumbus.  In our dream scenario he's still available in the fifth and it'd be pretty awesome if he really was.  Fleming is very strong and could do a very good job sliding inside to guard.  As for now he's a tackle that will need a little time to figure out where he fits best.  Still, he'd be a solid addition in the fifth.

The Pick: Dri Archer

Hello new shiny toy.  Archer could bring a dynamic level of athleticism and excitement to this team that hasn't been seen since that preseason with Brandon Banks.  This guy would get people excited and would be a steal in the fifth.  I can see Gruden using this guy all over the place and finally adding some much needed speed to our team.  Our offense and ST's just got better... and in the fifth round!

Sixth Round, 178th Pick

  • Travis Swanson, C, Arkansas
  • Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor
  • Charles Sims, RB, WVU

It's a good dream when the third C in the draft falls all the way to the sixth round, but take a look, there he is.  Swanson would be a pipe dream in the sixth, but if he's there, he'd be an outstanding pick.  Not quite as talented as Martin or Richburg, Swanson has seen his stock slip a little bit of late.  Still, you'd have to think he'd compete with, and possibly beat out Licht at the C spot and he provides a little more prototypical size that you'd think Gruden would go for.

Richardson is another good interior lineman who's seen his stock take a dive.  At one point some thought he'd be a first or second round pick and now he's fallen to the sixth for us.  Yeah, he got owned by Aaron Donald in some practice.  So what?  Richardson has all the tools to be a quality OG in this league and is a mammoth of a man.  He played with RGIII and you'd have to think adding his huge buddy in front of him for protection would make Griffin quite happy.  He's 6'5", 330 lbs!

Sims is a RB who's been in for a visit and for obvious reasons.  The man can catch out of the backfield like few others.  I'm not so sure how enamored Gruden will be with Helu as he's been inconsistent and was one of Shanny's guys.  Sims could be that "third-down back" that fans so covet and should be considered with Helu entering the final year of his rookie contract.  We've all seen a lot of RB's drafted around here recently, but Sims could be a steal in the sixth.

The Pick: Cyril Richardson

We just got a guy in the sixth round that can legitimately fight for a spot on this offensive line!  Richardson was favored by many early on and would be excellent here.  The RGIII connection is there, the size is there, the cheap rookie contract is there.  Could be a future Hog!  Richardson helps shore up the weakest area on our line this past season, the interior.  Maybe he makes expensive Chris Chester expendable?  Maybe LeRib is out of shape again?  You never know, but Richardson is a nice pick up at this point in the draft.

Seventh Round, 217th Pick

  • Howard Jones, OLB, Shepherd
  • Justin Britt, OT, Missouri
  • Gabe Ikard, C, Oklahoma

We've been bringing in a number of OLB's for interviews and everyone knows the situations with Orakpo's and Kerrigan's futures, so Jones in the seventh?  It'd be a good pick and provide depth and insurance.  Behind Orakpo and Kerrigan, all we really have at OLB is Brandon Jenkins.  We need some depth and insurance for the future or in case of injury and Jones fits the bill.  Great work ethic, four-year starter, great teammate, consistent production, school record with 34.5 sacks, and finalist for Cliff Harris Award (top small college defender).  All things you want to hear.  Would be a HR in the seventh...

Another OT option late in the draft is Justin Britt.  We're fortunate he fell to the seventh and he commands serious consideration.  Our RT situation isn't the best and Britt could be an infusion of grit and pass-protection.  Could contribute earlier than most seventh rounders and would certainly have a chance of making the final 53.

Ikard is probably the fourth best C in this draft class and there's a little drop-off from Swanson to him, but in the seventh round the 'Skins would be landing a solid prospect at a position of great need.  He's got the size and experience that would make him attractive to a team like the 'Skins, a coach like Gruden, and a QB like RGIII.  A Senior who played in Oklahoma's offense would be beneficial at such an important spot on the line directly in front of RGIII making the calls for the rest of the line.  Would certainly compete with Licht and provide a C for the future.

The Pick: Gabe Ikard

Too hard to pass up on a guy like Ikard for the middle of our offensive line in the seventh round.  Would he start from day one, I'm not sure, but he can compete with Licht and I think be an NFL player for years.  The center of our line was a huge problem last year and it just got better.

So, in our dream draft this team just got a lot better.  The glaring thing that everyone will notice and want to remark about is the lack of a RT.  We focused first and foremost on getting younger and more talented on the defensive side of the ball.  Defense has been our biggest weakness and for the most part we are too old and have way too many holes on that side of the ball, especially the secondary.  We're not one step away from the Super Bowl and everything can't be fixed in one year.  We provided a new weapon for our offense and ST's (something our ST's has been sorely lacking for quite some time) and focused the end of the draft on our offensive line.  Believe it or not, Polumbus wasn't the biggest problem with our line last year, it was the interior.  Adding Richardson and Ikard helps to shore that up.  I think this draft does about as much as can be done with no first round pick.  I'd like to see what Compton, LeRib, and Gettis have.  I think Compton could potentially start at RT this year and I think Polumbus isn't quite as bad as most fans think.  He's not good, but I think the interior of the line is a bigger problem right now and I don't think we can fix everything with one draft.  If we could get this draft, I'd be fine letting Compton and Polumbus battle it out for another year.

This is a dream draft so most of these guys aren't likely to be available where they were drafted, but I think this is just about as good as we could do and it's my dream that the 'Skins come out of the draft with some players like these.  To recap:

  • Second Round - Louis Nix, DT Notre Dame
  • Third Round - Lamarcus Joyner, CB Florida St.
  • Fourth Round - Deone Bucannon, SS Washington St.
  • Fifth Round - Dri Archer, WR Kent St.
  • Sixth Round - Cyril Richardson, OG Baylor
  • Seventh Round - Gabe Ikard, C Oklahoma

That's my Redskins Dream Draft.  What do you think?  What's your Redskins Dream Draft?