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How Confident Are Redskins Fans In Bruce Allen?

It is time to find out how much confidence the Washington fanbase places in its current GM Bruce Allen.


I am not one to stir up controversy. I rarely stir anything these days. Perhaps I have induced a heated conversation once or twice. Maybe I even incited a passionate debate. I am sure I have provoked, roused and instigated, but I can't remember stirring anything. I don't even stir my oatmeal--I gently fold in as much brown sugar as the oats will soak up, and then I eat the rest of the brown sugar on the side.

But I digress.

It seems to me that our general manager has really consolidated the power around him and is making moves to put his stamp even more indelibly onto the organization. This is what you want from a professional general manager, and it is how the most successful teams operate. The question is, "How much confidence do you have in Bruce Allen to make the right decisions?"

I am not suggesting that the bar should be set at a 100% success rate. Nobody gets it right all the time, but the best ones make enough great decisions to compensate for the bad decisions. Let's say that the bar is certainly set higher than the decision to trade for Donovan McNabb. That one is going to haunt Bruce Allen, mostly because of the way it kind of messed with the tenure of Mike Shanahan. (It should go without saying that more people were involved with that train wreck than just Bruce, but we are only grading the general manager here.)

Thanks to the ridiculously long break between free agency and the draft, Bruce will either benefit from or be penalized for his work in free agency, depending on your take of how he did over the last month or two.

Put simply, how confident are you in Bruce Allen as the general manager of the Washington Redskins and his ability to make the kinds of decisions that will set up this franchise for years to come?