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What Happens In May, Echoes In September

As crazy as it sounds to hang on every second of an offseason practice, it seems even crazier not to care.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As much as I want to label as "insane" the phenomenon of breathlessly watching practices in May, the truth is that there is plenty to learn for every potential party involved.

On the field, players are working hard to either build chemistry or increase the pre-existing chemistry. There is the obvious effort on the part of Robert Griffin III to bond with new receiver DeSean Jackson, but you also have Andre Roberts and even Ryan Grant seeking to form an onfield relationship with the quarterback. Our offensive line has new faces, and some of the old faces are lining up at different positions. Working to gel as a unit is a journey that could realistically extend into the season, though our hopes are that they get comfortable with each other before any live action. There likely isn't a position group on the Redskins right now that has the same combination of uncertainty and importance--we don't yet know who will line up where and there is little more important to us than keeping Griffin's jersey clean and holes open for Alfred Morris.

Off the field, the media circus is already in midseason form. People were live tweeting from the side of the practice field, leading to the Cardiac Arrest Moment of the Day when DeSean Jackson had to get some attention for his hamstring. This was a great fire drill for countless talk show hosts, tweeters and Facebook posters, as they all reacted and speculated about a world without DeSean Jackson.

Here at Hogs Haven, we are beyond giddy to see the burgundy and gold take the field. I love reading and hearing about the work that players are putting in on their mechanics. God help me...I do. A one- or two-yard overthrow from Griffin to Jackson in May can easily turn into six points by the time fall rolls around. A whole summer spent with Ryan Clark is going to do wonders for Phillip Thomas and others in our secondary. This is the time of year that players look their healthiest for the first time in months, or even a full year. It is unfortunately also the last time some of them will be this healthy for an entire year.

On one hand, it does seem ludicrous how much we hang on every second of these kinds of offseason activities. On the other hand, it's what we do. And we won't be changing any time soon.

What are the things you are most tuned into as OTAs and minicamps plod on this summer?