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Washington Redskins Vegas Odds Update

Our first update on preseason Vegas odds for Redskins' total wins, divisional championship chances and Super Bowl contention.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

I will do my best to keep us all informed on this important information, a task made easier thanks to Bovada providing us periodical updates! I will make note of any major swings in the odds, and from there, I look forward to hearing just how ridiculous you think I am for betting on the over for total wins.

Over/Under 2014 Regular Season Win Total--Washington Redskins: 7.5

Odds to Win the 2014 NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles 3/2

New York Giants 11/4

Dallas Cowboys 13/4

Washington Redskins 4/1

A lot will depend on how we start against Houston and Jacksonville as we ponder total wins. Make no mistake about it: those games are winnable for all teams involved. If we make the small assumption that Jay Gruden is able to capitalize somewhat on the general unfamiliarity teams will have with him as a head coach, I think it is a reasonable thing to bet the over.

As for the odds to win the NFC East, I feel like this is some of the poorest odds making I have ever seen. Everyone knows that the team scheduled to play the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17 will win the NFC East. My schedule says that honor belongs to the Redskins this year. Collect your winnings, y'all!!