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Hazard's Huddle: OLB Trent Murphy vs. Michigan State

A quick film look at Redskins 2nd round pick, OLB Trent Murphy.

Mark Wilson

For the second year in a row, Redskins nation had to wait an extra day to really enjoy the NFL Draft. After trading back with the Dallas Cowboys, the Redskins made their first selection of the 2014 NFL Draft: OLB Trent Murphy from Stanford. Many Redskins fans wanted Bruce Allen and company to address that particular position but weren't wild about that particular player. It's been 17 days since the draft, and fans seem to be warming up to the player. Let's take a look at what he brings to Washington.

Pass Rush


#1. Trent Murphy starts from a 4-point stance far outside. As the ball is snapped, he takes an outside angle. The LT turns his hip and lunges. When he does that, Murphy is able to slap his arms down and uses a swim move to get back inside to create pressure.


#2. On this play, Trent Murphy is walking around like a stand-up linebacker and they're running a double A gap blitz. Murphy comes from our left. Murphy does a good job timing the snap. The center gets a piece of him and then takes the other rusher but the RB makes the wrong read, leaving Murphy unblocked. Trent gets right in the QB's face and forces the quick pass.


#3. Murphy is the DE at the bottom of the screen. He does a good knocking down the LT's arm causing him to lunge forward. The RB tries to chip him but Murphy bends the edge just enough to shed that while the LT holds him from behind. Murphy gets the QB for the sack.


#4. While this isn't EXACTLY a pass rush, this is a 3rd down pass rush package. Stanford moves Trent Murphy to DT (yellow circle) to give some pass rush from the inside. Michigan runs a speed option. Murphy is able to shed the block (although it does look like his blocker took a false step inside) and take down the QB behind the line of scrimmage.



#1. Michigan State runs a play-action, fake reverse, screen pass here. Murphy is the OLB at the top of the screen. The TE chips Murphy before he heads out on his route. Murphy, who isn't going to be able to get to the QB, takes out the fake reverse guy eliminating him as a pass option. Murphy has contain on that side so it is good to see his awareness of picking up the man out of the backfield.


#2. Murphy is the OLB at the top of the screen. When the WR motions into twins, Murphy flexes out. That WR ends up heading into the backfield as he's the fake reverse on the play. Murphy gets matched up on the FB and does a good job making initial contact. Unfortunately, on his second attempt at contact he doesn't turn his hips smoothly and misses the FB allowing him to run up the sideline freely.


#3. Trent Murphy is the OLB at the bottom of the screen on this one. He corrects the mistake he made above. It's good to see how quick he transitions from pass rush to pass coverage when he sees the back come out of the backfield. Once again, he makes good first contact except this time he turns his hips immediately allowing him to run up the sideline with him.


#4. Murphy is the ROLB on this play (towards the left tackle). He is covering the TE on this play. Murphy stays on the TEs hip and as the TE is about to make his break, Murphy just takes him right off his feet which basically takes him out of the play.

Special Teams


#1. Special Teams was a huge emphasis on draft picks this year. Trent Murphy will have to pull his own here as well and he has the type of work ethic to succeed at it. Murphy is lined up just to the right of the center. While NFL teams don't block for punts like this, Murphy shows no fear as he runs at a wedge of three players, breaks through them, and nearly blocks this punt.


#2. Here is Murphy as the left wing on the field goal team. He does a good job stepping inside to make sure no one comes through his inside shoulder. Unfortunately, the holder bobbles the snap. As the holder rolls out with the ball, Trent works his way through the traffic as he is one of the few eligible receivers on the field. The holder tosses it to him, Murphy climbs the ladder and pulls it in for the reception. Hopefully, we don't see this too much.

Trent Murphy comes to the Redskins with a great motor, good work ethic and a variety of tools to mold. His role this year will be is clearer than his role in the future. Is he hear to eventually replace Orakpo? Rushing over the left tackle is a much harder on the NFL level. Will Orakpo get his pay day and Murphy drafted to replace Kerrigan? Kerrigan has been productive at times and would leave big shoes to fill. Did the Redskins spend a 2nd round pick on a 3rd down pass rush specialist? That would leave Redskins fans upset that such a high pick was spent on a part time player.