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Hazard's Huddle: CB Bashaud Breeland vs. Syracuse

Checking out the tape on the Redskins 4th round pick, Bashaud Breeland vs. Syracuse

Mark Wilson

The dust has settled and the smoke has cleared. The 2014 NFL Draft has come and gone and the Redskins have added eight new players to the roster. You know what that means? I get more tape to watch! Most of it is re-review for me but I will be breaking down each draft prospect during as many games of their college career as I can before training camp/season start. First up, is 4th round pick CB Bashaud Breeland vs. Syracuse.



#1. First thing that pops out is Breeland's on-field demeanor. The WR at the top of the screen tries to block Breeland but Breeland is having none of that and throws the WR to the ground.


#2. Above wasn't the only time it happened. Here, Breeland lines up at the top of the screen right on the line of scrimmage and doesn't appreciate getting blocked. Again, he throws his blocker down to the turf.



#1. Breeland is in press coverage at the top of the screen. The WR tries to run a curl route, but Breeland maintains contact through the first five yards and is able to get a hand in to bat down the ball.


#2. Breeland plays off coverage here and is a little late turning his hips. Luckily for him, the ball is a little underthrown. Breeland goes up and makes an extremely athletic play on the ball to pull in the interception.


#3. Breeland is in press coverage at the bottom of the screen. This time he turns his hips on time and is able to stay in front of the WR on the fly route. Breeland makes sure he catches the ball or no one catches it.


#4. Breeland is the CB at the bottom of the screen rotating out of the picture. The QB takes a shot into the end zone and Breeland does a great job of going up and knocking the ball away.


#5. Breeland is the CB at the top of the screen. He is playing off-coverage but he is playing that same curl route that he was pressing earlier. He does a good job bursting forward when the ball is thrown and still brings that physical play to knock the ball away.

Run Support


#1. Syracuse runs a shotgun sweep towards Breeland who is the CB at the bottom of the screen. Breeland doesn't get off his block but he is able to extend his arm and make the tackle.


#2. Syracuse tries a trick-play here. A double backwards pass in the backfield with screen blockers out in front. Breeland is the CB at the top of the screen. After the second pass, the QB runs towards Breeland's side and has two blockers out in front. Breeland does a great job splitting the blocks but doesn't make the tackle. He still causes havoc on the play and Clemson only gives up a minimal gain.

Special Teams


#1. Breeland is the gunner towards the bottom of the screen but tight to the formation. He does a good job giving his blocker a fake move and getting a free run at the punt returner. The punt returner ends up calling for a fair catch.


#2. Breeland is the gunner at the bottom of the screen again, tight the the formation. Breeland gets a little taste of his own medicine on this one by getting thrown to the turf but gets back up and locates the ball, downing it inside the 5 yard line.

Syracuse wasn't exactly a powerhouse in 2013, but for a first look at Breeland, this is relatively good. I did see some technique issues he needs to clean up and I'm interested to check out his other games and see how those work against stronger competition. At the very least, with his physical style, he brings an attitude and a temperament that this defense has been missing for quite some time.