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RGIII Releases Video Message To The Fans

"To the whole ‪#‎DC‬ area & all of ‪#‎RedskinNation‬, Please WATCH THIS!!! Thank You!!!"

Robert Griffin III released a video today through his facebook page and instagram account thanking the fans for their support. The video features pictures from RGIII's career so far in Washington, and pictures of dedicated fans.

"This organization, our fans, and this community are blessing my family & many others"

"Allowing a kid to catch his dream of playing in the NFL"

"And providing a platform to impact this world in a positive way"

"Your faith in this team is not misplaced"

"Your dedication does not go unnoticed"

"We are in this together"

"We are matching your dedication through our preparation"

"We need you on this mission"

"To win our 4th Super Bowl Championship"

"So let's have some fun"

"And win"

"From this kid to you"

"Love you guys"

"Thank you"

Griffin also added this message on his facebook page:

The NFL Draft and Mother's Day can bring all kinds of emotions out of us. Watching young men have their dreams come to fruition is special. While pouring out love and thanks to our mothers or mother like figures can break us down. Yet, two vastly different events show the importance of our need for support. Someone somewhere has helped us all get to where we are going. God, your parents, a coach and the list goes on and on. So after my workout regiment and film study sessions were done for the day, I spent a few minutes to put together this video. A video with a special thanks to our Organization, community and fans. You guys have blessed a kid from a small town in Texas. A kid of military parents who did everything they could to make it from pay check to pay check. A kid who is grateful for your support. You guys have blessed so many kids with a dream and I am blessed to call them teammates. We know you need us to Win and produce. We need you to help us. #TheMovement #ThisIsForUs #KnowYourWhy