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Redskins and Patriots Holding Joint Practices

Brady and Belichick are coming to Richmond this Summer.

Patrick McDermott

Is Gisele coming to Richmond, too?  As a Richmonder, that'd be the most exciting part of the story for me.

The Redskins are already scheduled to open their preseason slate against the New England Patriots on August 7th.  That game will take place at FedEx Field.  Well it turns out the Patriots will be booking another flight South even sooner than that.  As reported by both ESPN and CSNWashington, our new Head Coach Jay Gruden has been talking with the master, Bill Belichick, about the idea.  This will involve three practices from August 4th-6th, but could be a good thing for both Richmond and the Redskins.

I love this idea because it affords our team a chance to practice against one of the perennial powerhouses in the league and not have to beat-up only on each other all camp long.  Also, the Pats are in the AFC, which makes me feel a lot more comfortable about practicing with them as opposed to an NFC rival.  It also doesn't hurt that they just happen to be a consistently great team and we have a first-year Head Coach who could probably benefit from going through a practice or two with Mr. Belichick.  Just so long as he doesn't pick-up on that whole cut-off hoodie thing.  I'm imagine it wouldn't hurt having RGIII practicing anywhere near Tom Brady, either.

Of course, Richmond was busting at the seams with tens of thousands of fans last year for the inaugural Richmond Training Camp and most in the area would classify it as a smashing success.  I can't even imagine what the town will look like with Brady and co. showing up for a few days, as well!  It's going to be quite weird hearing that New England accent around town while any Patriots fans join in our Southern hospitality (kind of Southern, anyway).

The Patriots are not new-comers to the idea of joint practices.  It's kind of been their thing in the recent past.  On the other hand, Mike Shanahan never conducted joint practices, and as far as I remember, the 'Skins have only ever done something similar with the Baltimore Ravens a few times.  However, Gruden and the Bengals did some joint practices last year with the Falcons, so it's understandable that he are Bill going this route again as they've both done it before and see the benefits for both teams.

I can't help but think that part of the draw for the Patriots possibly making their way to town is the wonderful, brand new 40,000 square-foot training camp facility here in town.  I don't know what the Patriots are typically working with for their training camp, but I know this awesome facility in Richmond is nice and more than capable of hosting some excellent joint practices.

In my opinion, it's a great idea for both teams and makes for some great Summer NFL entertainment.  What do you all think?