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Saturday Slop: Rookie Minicamp In Full Swing

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Predicting the Redskins 53 Man Roster for this season |

Redskins Minicamp Questions | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Redskins will start to see what they have in their rookie class when their three-day minicamp begins Friday. It runs through Sunday (with one day, Saturday, open to the media). They have a number of tryout players in attendance; some players will be told no thanks before the weekend is even finished. Some of the tryout guys might earn a contract, though that would also mean one of the current undrafted signees would then be cut.

Here are three questions entering the weekend:

Redskins sign six rookies | ESPN Redskins Blog

The era of the long contract negotiations ended when players agreed to the new collective bargaining agreement and its slotting system for draft picks. So signing rookies isn't as hard as it was in the past -- which explains why the Washington Redskins signed six of their rookies to contracts Friday morning.

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Redskins rookie mini-camp roster feature 38 tryout players | Washington Post Redskins Blog

The Washington Redskins rookie minicamp roster features 38 players in attendance on a tryout basis in addition to the eight draft picks and 10 undrafted rookies Washington signed last week.

How the Redskins 2014 Opponents Helped Themselves in the Draft: Part 1 |

With the draft now over we can really begin to accurately see how tough the Redskins 2014 opponents appear to be (at least on paper). Here is how each team the Redskins faced did in the draft and how it could improve them for when they face Washington. This is going to be split into two parts and Part 2 will include the Cowboys to help break up the teams.

On the Clock: Mock Draft Simulator- Updated for 2015 |

Want to get a head start on the 2015 draft and see what the Redskins can do with a first round pick?