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Alfred Morris Madden 15 Cover Vote

Alfred Morris is facing Andrew Luck in the first round of voting for the chance to be on the cover of the newest edition of Madden.

Today is the last day to vote in Round 1, and the last day to vote for Alfred Morris. Morris has been campaigning to beat Andrew Luck all week, and having a little fun with it.


Alfred was asked about the Madden Cover Curse, and he's not worried about it.

"Nothing against Andrew Luck, but he has to go down," Morris said.

Yes, Morris absolutely wants to be on the cover.

"I grew up playing the game and to be in the game is like, wow, mind-blowing," he said. "Now to have an opportunity to be on the cover is like, mind explodes."

"No, no, no, no curse," Morris said by phone from Bristol, Connecticut, where he was making the rounds at ESPN. "I always thought the curse was a coincidence. Calvin broke the curse. If anything I should want to be on the cover."

Here's a brief history of the Madden Curse over the years.

Did Calvin Johnson break the curse?

2013- Calvin Johnson

madden 13 game box calvin johnson

We’re going to give this one to Johnson, but not for lack of trying on the curse’s part. "Megatron" had a monster year. He broke or tied 9 NFL records, lead the NFL in receiving yards, and broke Jerry Rice’s single season. The Lions didn’t fare nearly as well, having gone from a playoff team in 2011 to last in their division in 2012 and ending the season with an 8-game losing streak. You can’t really attribute that to the Madden Curse though… OR CAN YOU?! It wasn’t all champagne and roses for Johnson though. Months after the season ended, he admitted that he played the majority of it with three broken fingers. Either the curse tried and misfired, or Johnson is just a damn beast. Either way, this round goes to the players.

Madden Curse 16, Players 1

And some other guys video...terrible.