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Redskins Sign 6th Round Pick Lache Seastrunk

The Redskins have made their first signing from this year's draft class.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Former Baylor RB Lache Seastrunk becomes the first player from the Redskins 2014 Draft class to agree to terms with the team.  His contract is a 4 year, $2.33 million deal which includes a $110,500 singing bonus according to Aaron Wilson.  Seastrunk was a 2 year player at Baylor after transferring from Oregon.  He was not eligible to play during Robert Griffin III's final season at Baylor, but RGIII knew him and put in a good word for him with Coach Gruden during the draft.

The new rookie wage scale has made signing draft picks, especially late round draft picks, quick and easy.  Several teams have signed over half of their draft class already, and the Redskins should follow suit soon.  The team will be holding a rookie mini-camp this weekend May 16-18, and will give the team the chance to finalize the majority of the contracts while the players are at Redskins Park.  It will also give the team a chance to assess the rookie tryout players, and give a few more contracts out to fill the 90 man roster.