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RGIII Really Wanted the Redskins to Draft Lache Seastrunk

Last year Griffin was reportedly campaigning the Redskins to draft Baylor WR Terrance Williams, this year he wanted Lache Seastrunk

CSN Washington
Gruden: Lache has what you can't coach, and that's blazing speed. A great compliment for Roy and Alfred, so he'll come in here and compete also. Q: Did you get a scouting report from Robert Griffin III on Lache? Gruden: Ya, he was texting during the draft, I was trying to ignore my phone. He's a big fan of Lache, and they're obviously good friends and has a lot of good things to say about him. So I know Robert's happy and we're happy to have Lache.
Griffin was also asked about the draft at the Redskins Draft Party at FedEx Field on Saturday. The Redskins drafted two Offensive Linemen in Rounds 2-3 on Friday, and Griffin was very diplomatic.