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2014 NFL Draft Analysis: Redskins Post-Knee-Jerk Reaction Post

A message of post-draft hope, in a time of post-draft despair.

Streeter Lecka

I feel like Sean Miller's lawyer in Patriot Games, speaking with his client in the back of a prison transport, when I talk to people who are irate about this draft. I can't quite get mad at you. I can't, because I understand where the hatred comes from. I more than understand it.

I beat the drum for offensive linemen and we got one who is almost certainly an immediate starter and one who has a chance to compete for a starting spot right away.

You can argue (convincingly, I'm sure) that Trent Murphy's position--much like Hoghunter's looks--could be a problem. I would argue that one of our biggest problems on defense is a lack of not just bodies, but talent. Murphy brings talent. And nastiness. And size. These aren't things that make me exceptionally mad. Even if he doesn't put on weight and play DL, Murphy can do some things for us. Bashaud Breeland has a chance to work himself into a young secondary mix and Lache Seastrunk is going to be a ton of fun to watch in the preseason.

I am not going to build a "bright side" case for all of our picks, but come on...some pretty huge boxes got checked. It remains to be seen how well we did, but I am not seeing what some angry people seem to be seeing.

It is true that I tend to get in "Love the One You're With" mode at times, but I think our roster is better now than it was.

It's tough when you get married to picks and ideas ahead of the draft. I was watching the same board you all were and, as evidenced by how many mock drafts we all did, I know we all made some extremely different decisions. You all know how badly I wanted to get my Al Borland-centric Redskins show started after we drafted Chris Borland. Nobody can be more upset than me about that.

Let's wait and see how some of these guys work over the next few months before we do or say anything terribly rash.

It occurs to me that things didn't work out too well for Sean Miller's lawyer.