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Barry Cofield and Trent Williams Conference Call

Two team captains took time to speak to reporters after workouts yesterday.

Redskins team captains Trent Williams and Barry Cofield spoke with reporters yesterday following the teams first offseason workout of the new league year.

Coach Gruden:

The Addition of Jason Hatcher to the Defense:

"I think he’s definitely going to be a big help," Cofield said Monday, following Washington’s first day of offseason workouts. "It’s always great to be able to get a division rival and take someone from their roster that was big for them and bring him to your home. That’s almost a double-whammy on that part. And on top of that, he brings a completely different skillset from the guys that we have. He’s very unique in that way and I think he’ll complement everybody on the line extremely well. He’s a great guy. I got a chance to meet him and talk with him, and he’s very excited, and I think we’ll look a lot different even within the same defense. There will be a lot of wrinkles and things that will make us better."

Defensive Scheme:

"It was almost the opposite end of the spectrum from what we were doing here," he said. "With the way Dallas was playing with getting upfield aggressively, really disruptive to the backfield. Their whole defense was predicated on an aggressive front while we were a physical front that was tasked with keeping the linebackers clean and allow them to make plays."

He said that keeping linebackers clean will remain part of their jobs but that they want to get in the backfield more but that would depend on how well the scheme is working.

Cofield and his teammates have only received a brief overview of what Haslett has in store for them. But the veteran says that ultimately, scheme doesn’t matter if players don’t do their jobs.

"Really, it’s going to come down to execution,"

Cofield said. "But I continually say that. That is the plan. We’re going to do some different things up front. It’s not just D-line, but linebackers included and we’ve really bought into and that should allow us to be in the backfield more and to hopefully make big, disruptive plays on the quarterback. We’ll see. It comes down to execution because the offensive line still wants to block you, and if you’re not beating people, it’ll all be for naught, so we’ll just see how it plays out."

Redskins Free Agency:

DeSean Jackson Signing:

Shortly after DeSean Jackson was released by Philaldephia last month, Trent Williams reached for his cellphone and sent the former Eagles wide receiver a text message.

"I just asked him if [the Redskins] were even in the picture," Williams said. "When he told me that they were talking, I just told him basically that we would love have a player of his caliber, and that our team would be willing to embrace him and try to do big things."

"In my opinion, we play a game that’s America’s game and there’s a lot of eyes on you," Williams said. "A lot of people just want to pick you apart. No matter what you do, they are going to find the wrong in what you do and forget about the good things."

"To be honest with you, for a guy that has had the type of impact he has had, three Pro Bowls and just countless numbers of big plays and putting his team in position to win, to me, I wouldn’t question his practice habits," Williams continued. "He’s proven himself day in and day out. …I’m not going to judge him, or say that he needs to change which way or another. I can only go on his body of work. And his body work, his numbers, they can stand up there with the top receivers in the league."

Bringing Orakpo Back:

Team Leadership:

Offensive Scheme:

Lessons Learned from Last Season:

Williams, an offensive captain the past two years, said players must keep last year in their minds.

"You got to know what falling down feels like," Williams said. "You have to know what losing feels like to want to win and a season like that, you can’t forget that. It has to be a driving force to want to do better things. It has to be that motivation to say, ‘Look, we’re too talented to go 3-13 again.’ That was us. There’s nothing we can do about it now. We had the talent to perform with anybody and we didn’t come together like we were supposed to and we didn’t win games like we were supposed to. That needs to be in our back pocket at all times and be a driving force."

"I think you can build," Cofield said when asked what the offseason workouts would accomplish. "I’m not necessarily sure you can win the Super Bowl now. I think you’ve got to be lucky and you’ve got to stay healthy and you’ve really got to execute on Sundays in the fall/winter. Realistically, you do it to build – especially with a new coach – and I think it’s to inject a new optimism into a franchise. Last year was as rough as we could’ve imagined, losing a coach we all enjoyed. This time of year, especially with the new staff, there will be some new terminology. Defensively, we have the same coordinator, but we’re doing a lot of new things, as I’ve mentioned. Offensively, obviously, they’ve got a new guy. You have quarterback and receivers working together, and guys moving around on the offensive line. …  I think this time is very important for building the foundation. But all this is for naught if we don’t execute this year."