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Sunday Slop: Do the Redskins Need More Cap Space?

A look at the top Redskins Stories Around the Web.

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Redskins Salary Cap Space Tight, but No Real Urgency to Create More | Real Redskins

After signing four veteran players in the past 10 days, including wide receiver DeSean Jackson, the Redskins' cap space is getting tight, with just over $2.5 million left. That's less than all but three NFL teams. However, there is no particular urgency for them to do anything about it.

Redskins Improved Depth Could Be A Big Factor This Season |

While the Redskins have added some nice starters in free agency this offseason, just as important has been their ability to improve their talent level at the roster spots 23-50* (some of their depth signings may need to end up starting depending on what they do in the draft). One of the biggest issues with the Redskins in recent history, but particularly last season, was just their sheer lack of depth. Like other sports, the focus and attention is typically on the star players in the NFL, but the reality is football is the ultimate team sport.

Ryan Clark will wear number 21 in practice | CSN Washington

Ryan Clark has been wearing Sean Taylor's jersey No. 21 in practice for many years while a member of the Steelers. He played alongside Taylor in 2004-2005 before leaving for Pittsburgh as a free agent.

Mock Draft 7.0 and Jackson Coverage Among Redskins Most Popular Posts | Real Redskins

DeSean Jackson Signing Better for Redskins than Drafting a WR High |

A look at why the Redskins are far better off with signing DeSean Jackson than spending a high draft pick on a wide receiver.

Redskins Need More Help on Defense | ESPN Redskins Blog

They've gotten younger at key positions, added veteran leadership with Clark and Hatcher and will no doubt try to upgrade even more in the draft. If all these changes pan out, you could be witnessing a defense to be reckoned with.

Redskins Middle of the Pack in Popularity | ESPN Redskins Blog

Who will be the Redskins top WR in 2014 | ESPN Redskins Blog