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DeSean Jackson ESPN Interview

DeSean Jackson discusses some of the stories surrounding his release from the Eagles.

DeSean Jackson was interviewed by ESPN's Stephen A. Smith today.  He was asked about the the gang connections cited in the article that was released 40 minutes before Jackson himself was released.  He also talked about how he was released, and what that meant to him.

Coverage from Bleeding Green Nation with their take on the interview:

A new "report" was released today that cited several of the issues Jackson had within the Eagles organization that could have led to his termination.

Reports also surfaced today that the NFLPA is planning on investigating the Eagles role in DeSean Jackson's release and the stories that have come out about him.

Smith said the NFLPA will examine whether the Eagles leaked comments or misinformation to the media about Jackson, who signed a three-year contract with the Redskins on Wednesday. That deal is worth $24 million, including $16 million guaranteed, according to league sources.

"That's something that we're going to look at," Smith said on ESPN's "Mike & Mike" show. "We've always been aggressive about protecting the integrity of our players, especially where we believe or think that a team may have done something that is impermissible, and that's something that we're gonna look at."

"To me, the real issue is this is the business of football. If you want to make a decision to cut a player, tell a player he's cut. Make a decision. But if you want to smear a player with innuendo or something that is less than proof ... you know that I was very aggressive in calling a few GMs cowards for what they said about a young man coming out of college [former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam]. It seems to me that the same thing applies ... if you want to smear someone and you don't have any evidence."