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WR Jalen Saunders Visited the Redskins

Another reported pre-draft WR visit for the Redskins.

Oklahoma WR/PR Jalen Saunders visited the Redskins according to FOX Sports Ross Jones.  Saunders is considered a late round WR prospect.  He is the #211 overall prospect according to CBS Sports and is projected in the 6th round of this year's draft.  The Redskins could be looking for late round WRs for competition on the depth chart, and to help on special teams.  Saunders will likely fall to the end of the draft with the amount of WRs that are projected to be drafted this year.  Do the Redskins spend a draft pick on another sub 6' WR this year with the top 3 spots locked up?  Andre Roberts has already said he is willing to return kicks this year to contribute,

STRENGTHS: Fast off the line of scrimmage with very good acceleration and initial burst. Explosive cuts to catch defenders off-balance with a sharp plant foot in his breaks. Very quick-footed with natural explosiveness to dance and create in space. Good balance and shifty moves to wiggle out of trouble. Quick, controlled hands and will contort his body and consistently secure catches away from his frame. Good catching radius for a target his size. Works the middle of the field well as an inside receiver and finds open zones. Productive after the catch with several big plays on his highlight reel. Adds value as a return man on special teams and averaged 15.0 yards per punt return in college, including three career scores. Very hard worker off the field and prepares like a professional - motivated and determined. Football bloodlines as the nephew of 13-year NFL veteran WR Webster Slaughter.
WEAKNESSES: Smallish frame with narrow shoulders/hips and skinny limbs, lacking the body type to add much muscle. Very light as a ballcarrier and doesn't have much of a power element to his game. Lean frame makes him susceptible to crushing hits, especially over the middle, which creates durability concerns. Tough, but won't seek out contact. Smaller hands and will have some drops. Willing blocker, but very limited. Most of his experience is as an inside receiver and will be relegated to a slot role at the next level.
COMPARES TO: Andrew Hawkins, WR, Cincinnati Bengals - Both Hawkins and Saunders are light on their feet and explosive with the ball in their hands, despite size limitations limiting their NFL role.