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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Leading up the draft, here are a handful of Redskins bets--for entertainment purposes only!

Todd Warshaw

1. I am flying across the country today (any Redskins fans in Folsom, CA?) so I think it best that we go with a draft-inspired Odds Sixpack. I will give you the bet/line--you give me your pick. If anyone can pull off the parlay, I will dig up a prize from our basket of classic Hogs Haven swag. Only one winner can claim the prize, and only responses that involve thoughtful comments are eligible for the win. In the event of a tie, the best commentary--as decided by me--will receive the coveted reward.

2. Which position will the Redskins draft FIRST: linebacker, offensive tackle, safety? (Note: not first overall, just which position will be drafted before the other two.)

3. Over/Under Quarterbacks Drafted by Washington Redskins: 0.5

4. Over/Under Total Draft Trades the Redskins Make: 1.5

5. Which NCAA conference will be most represented in the Redskins' draft class? (Ties result in multiple correct answers.)

6. I want to have one of these tied to a post-draft team grade, and it is taking me forever to land on one of the many talking heads who provides such things. Being the fan of Mel Kiper, Jr. that I am--the character he plays on TV, that is--let's go with his grades. He will provide them in the first week or so after the draft. You need to guess the exact grade (A+, A, A-, B+, etc.) to get credit on this one. Extra credit if anyone can drop some Kiper-speak in their answer below.

I will keep the comments below open until the day before the draft. Good luck, y'all!