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HH’s Exclusive Interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Ken Meringolo and Mike Harar spoke with the NASCAR star to get his take on the Washington Redskins, his Sprint Cup season, and the role he played in recruiting Robert Griffin III to be the Honorary Grand Marshall in this weekend’s upcoming race in Richmond.

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Jerry Markland

It is no secret that Dale Earnhardt Jr. bleeds burgundy and gold.  He receives game updates during Sunday afternoon races and his week is ruined when they lose.  On Tuesday, Ken and I had the opportunity to speak with one of the Washington Redskins' most famous diehard fans and went over several topics, including his fond memories of Joe Gibbs, the NBA playoffs, his beloved Charlotte Bobcats and his early Redskins' 2014 schedule prediction.  As you'll hear and as Ken mentioned in our earlier post, he's an extremely cool guy who puts his pants on one leg at a time in the morning just like the rest of us, except then goes out and wins Daytona 500's.  Thanks again to Dale for taking the time to talk to us and best of luck to him the remainder of the season!

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