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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Predicts the Washington Redskins Schedule for Hogs Haven

Dale Earnhardt Jr. picks wins and losses for the upcoming 2014 Washington Redskins schedule.

Rick Kern

We'll be throwing up the full audio interview from last night's conversation between Dale Jr., Mike Harar and myself as soon as the best producer in the business--Harrison Weinhold--puts the finishing touches on it. We talked about racing, Redskins and RG3. I am sure Mike would agree that talking to Dale felt like talking to any Redskin fan that might end up at the bar next to you on any given night. He clearly bleeds burgundy and gold, and his perspective as a fan mirrors the one most of share.

Before we let Dale go, we ran through the newly minted Redskins 2014 schedule and got his win/loss predictions. Over the years, I have taken some good-natured ribbing over my...ahem...rosy, optimistic thoughts. I think I found someone who can give me a run for my money in that department. SPOILER ALERT: We all pretty much agree that the Redskins should be able to convert this schedule into a playoff-worthy record. Dale ended up at 11-5, while Mike horned in on my 10-6 thunder. I'll do a deeper schedule breakdown in an upcoming Ten Yard Fight. For now, enjoy Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s special blend of Redskins Kool-Aid! Thanks again to the greatest driver in NASCAR, and one of the coolest Redskins fans on the planet...JUNIOR!!!

Dale Jr. Schedule Prediction Challenge
Week/Matchup Dale Jr. Ken Meringolo Mike Harar
Week 1: HOU W W W
Week 2: JAC W W W
Week 3: PHI W W W
Week 4: NYG W W L
Week 5: SEA L L L
Week 6: ARI W W W
Week 7: TEN W W W
Week 8: DAL L L L
Week 9: MIN W W W
Week 10: BYE (record so far) 7-2 7-2 6-3
Week 11: TB W L W
Week 12: SF L L L
Week 13: IND L L W
Week 14: STL W W L
Week 15: NYG W W W
Week 16: PHI L L W
Week 17: DAL W W L