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CB Dexter McDougle Has Workout Scheduled with the Redskins

The Redskins have scheduled an in-town workout with Maryland CB Dexter McDougle that does not count towards their 30 pre-draft visits.

The Redskins are bringing in another defensive back for a pre-draft visit.  Maryland CB Dexter McDougle is rated low by many prospect rating services.  His 2013 season ended prematurely with a shoulder injury against Connecticut that required surgery.  He went to the NFL Combine, but did not participate in on the field drills.  He also attended Maryland's Pro Day on April 8th.  McDougle is considered a later round pick in this year's draft.

[UPDATE: 4/26/14 5:25PM] McDougle confirms his workout with the Redskins


Overall Football Traits

Production 2 2009: Redshirt 2010: (11/0) 22-3-0 2011: (12/12) 44-6-3 2012: (12/12) 71-5-0 2013: (4/3) 14-5-3 Career: 5.5 TFL, 1FF, 1FR
Height-Weight-Speed 2 On shorter side but long arms for frame, good bulk and excellent top-end speed.
Durability 4 Sustained season-ending shoulder injury that required surgery during 2013 Connecticut game. Single scooter accident left him with broken collarbone in December of 2011. Broke two knuckles and played in just four games junior year of high school. Frame is concern when projecting long term durability.
Intangibles 1 Parents are Dexter and Gina McDougle. Attended meetings, traveled to away games, sat in the coaches' booth during games and mentored members of the team after injuring shoulder senior year. Maryland created Dexter McDougle Ultimate Team Player Award in his honor. Has experience covering kicks. Matured during time at Maryland. Has graduated. Majored in criminology and criminal justice.

Cornerback Specific Traits

Instincts/Recognition 2 Above average route recognition and can run route for receiver. Above average eye discipline and rarely gets caught out of position. Reads receivers and gets head turned head around in time to locate ball when turns and runs. Does a nice job of running receivers off vertical routes. Can be more aggressive at times but takes calculated risks and flashes ability to get early break on ball. Sniffs out screens and beats blockers to the point.
Cover Skills 2 Above average balance and burst. Fluidity is just adequate but recovers quickly when allows separation transitioning out of breaks. Can run with receivers in press and press bail. Can get pushed around by bigger receivers but tough for size and flashes ability to reroute receivers. Plays high and takes too long to transition forward out of backpedal.
Ball Skills 2 Appeared to be developing into a ball hawk before season-ending injury in 2013. Flashes ability to make highlight type play. Above average focus and tracks ball well. Elevates well. Frame raises concerns about ability to compete with bigger receivers for 50-50 balls in the red zone and downfield.
Run Support 2 Fearless and willing to sacrifice body to make play. Above average closing burst and big hitter for size. Takes too long to get off some blocks but not for lack of effort. Plays with a chip on shoulder and willing to take on bigger blockers. Struggles to get bigger ball carriers to the ground when can't build momentum.