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Dan Snyder's Installing New Field Turf!

Dan Snyder and the Redskins have donated $100,000 to a local High School to replace their grass field with field turf.

Dan Snyder presented a check from the Redskins for $100,000 today to Park View High School in Sterling, VA to install a new field turf football field.  The NFL also matched the Redskins contribution for an additional $100,000.

Dan Snyder also spoke to the reporters on hand at the ceremony and touched on a few Redskins topics.

Signing DeSean Jackson:

Snyder highlighted Jackson’s charitable endeavors, which include a book about bullying, No Bullies in the Huddle, and the DeSean Jackson Foundation, which supports, among other things, pancreatic cancer research.

"I was reading this morning that he’s got a book on bullying out," Snyder said. "I look forward to reading that and I think he’s someone that’s done a lot in the community. I think you’ll see him here for the Redskins for many years. And he’ll be part of this community, and what we’re looking forward to is, obviously, great play but also the fact that—the stuff that I’d love to see reported—and deservedly so, is all of his charitable work. That is something that we ought to focus on. And he deserves a lot credit for that, and not enough credit has been given to him."

Shanahan Drama Last Year:

The NFL Draft:

Robert Griffin III:

Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation:

But he did respond to critics of his Original Americans Foundation, which is providing money and resources to tribal communities throughout the country. One criticism is that he's trying to buy good will to deflect attention from those who want the team name changed.

"I wrote a letter to the fans and it speaks for itself," Snyder said, referring to a letter distributed in March to announce the foundation. "It tells you we did our homework, unlike a lot of people, and we understand the issues out there. We're not an issue. The real issues are real life issues, real life needs and it's time that people focus on reality."