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Hogs Haven Terrible Name Amnesty Day

Nobody should have to live with a Hogs Haven handle that they regret creating. Not forever, anyway.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

As I promised a week ago, I am opening up this comments section to anyone wishing to change their Hogs Haven handle. I know that some of you are tied to a name that you once thought was either clever or hilarious and now regret. happens.

The process here is simple: just post a comment below from your old (current) name with your requested new name. I will collect all of the new names and send them to SB Nation's tech folks all at once. My understanding is that your account history remains the same, and just your name changes, so it won't be like you are starting fresh.

I will also operate under the assumption that each person is the only one with access to their accounts, so there shouldn't be any prank name changes. That said, I will keep my eyes open for any questionable name change requests!