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Brandon Coleman Met With the Redskins Yesterday

A second Wide Receiver has reportedly visited the Redskins yesterday.

The Redskins, GM Bruce Allen, and Head Coach Jay Gruden continue to look at talent for the upcoming draft, and most of the reported predraft visits have been on the defensive side of the ball. They scheduled a visit with WR Cody Latimer on April 21st, and reportedly met with Rutgers WR Brandon Coleman yesterday. The top three receivers on the team are locked in, but the quality and size of the receivers further down the depth chart remains a question mark. The Redskins simply don't have a tall receiver unless Leonard Hankerson or David Gettis are ready to go and fulfill that role this season.

Brandon Coleman was being talked about as a potential 1st round talent last year, but a knee surgery and consistently inconsistent play/hands have dropped him down to a Day 3 prospect in this year's draft. This could make him a potential steal, or just a less expensive bust if he never lives up to his potential.

Coleman is currently the #186 overall prospect according to CBS Sports, and he could go anywhere from the 5th-7th rounds. He has the size that Jay Gruden could be looking for, and is the value at the position that Bruce Allen could want. The question is, will he ever put it all together or just be another Marko Mitchell who gives fans hope for that mystical tall, Red Zone receiver?

Rutgers wide receiver Brandon Coleman also met with the team, another source confirmed.

Coleman, who grew up in Accokeek, Md., boasts great size at 6-6, 225. He clocked a 4.56 40-yard dash, and 32-1/2-inch vertical leap. But there are questions about his ability to play with physicality, and whether or not he’s the most flexible player, according to league insiders. He projects as a fourth- to sixth-round pick by many draft reports.

STRENGTHS: Looks the part of an NFL split end, possessing broad shoulders, long arms and great height. Towers over cornerbacks, showing the ability to reach over them and pluck the ball. Possesses a deceptive gait and surprising straight-line speed which helps him sneak over the top for big plays. Can stick his foot in the ground and create space for himself, especially on slants, where he can use his size to shield defenders from the ball. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder. Extends his arms to latch and control defenders as a run blocker, though too often he'll stop moving his feet on contact and fail to sustain.

WEAKNESSES: Doesn't play with the toughness and physicality one might expect given his stature. Is a long-strider with build-up rather than explosive straight-line speed. Struggles to sink his hips and explode back towards the ball, making him a tough target on routes in which he turns back towards the quarterback. Relies on his size to box-out defenders and is too easily knocked off balance.

COMPARES TO: Jon Baldwin, San Francisco 49ers - Few receives with Coleman's size have found success in the NFL. Vincent Jackson is an exception and the team that selects Coleman will be hoping that he'll prove the same. Given Coleman's lack of development of his natural tools to this point, Baldwin is a more realistic comparison.