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Redskins Draft GM: 2nd Round Edition

The draft is less than a month away and it's time to do the impossible, agree on a draft pick.

It's been a while since we asked the Hogs Haven community to put their GM hats on and the results were mixed. The people of Hogs Haven wanted Brian Orakpo re-signed/franchised over the other available options and they got their wish. Re-signing Perry Riley was the second most popular choice at ILB, and it happened before free agency got under way. But the other choices were ignored like a Sunday sermon to the heathens of Hogs Haven. There were no Alex Macks, Malcolm Jenkins, Linval Josephs, Captain Munnerlyns, Anthony Collins, or Jon Asamoahs walking through that door, but we did find a DeSean Jackson present in the dumpster behind the NovaCare Complex in Philthy.

Now it's time to put a different GM hat on, and focus on the NFL draft that is less than a month away. With the signings of Jackson and Andre Roberts, a lot of the fiercest draft debates about the value/need of a WR at pick #34 have died off. Drafting a Wide Receiver was also the top choice in the free agency GM series. Now the debate shift to positional value, and which RT sucks less.

SB Nation is currently holding a site-wide mock draft with all of the managing editors making the selections. Our fearless leader Ken Meringolo will be making the selection for Hogs Haven and the Redskins, and will accept the input of the Hogs Haven community. And by accept I mean laugh at the ridiculous choice you make and then look at the punter depth chart.

The choices for the 2nd round are based on two things, either they have been frequently mocked to the Redskins in the numerous mock drafts I have scoured across the web, or they are the best available players for the Redskins left in the SBN mock. Feel free to make suggestions for a player that is not an option, or debate which player is the best fit for the team. Trading up or down is not a choice though, you must make a pick.

Louis Nix III, NT, Notre Dame:

The big, 6' 2", 331lb NT that some people think the Redskins defensive line needs in the middle. He is currently ranked #25 overall by CBS Sports, and could fall to the top of the 2nd round.

COMPARES TO: B.J. Raji, Packers -- While he flashes terrific talent, Nix wasn't able to consistently make the type of impact that many expected in 2013. Nix is light on his feet and carries his weight tremendously for a 340+ pounder with range to make plays up and down the line of scrimmage.

Hogs Haven Draft Profile: Louis Nix III

Cyrus Kouandjio, OR, Alabama:

One of two Right Tackle choices available to the Redskins here that have been talked about as possible 1st round picks. Kouandjio was red flagged at the NFL Combine for his knees, but Dr. James Andrews has declared that his knee is fine. Mark Tyler made his case this week for why the Redskins need to draft CK this year. He is currently ranked #33 overall by CBS Sports.

COMPARES TO: Tyron Smith, OT, Dallas Cowboys - Kouandjio's lean, muscular frame and superb athleticism will remind scouts of the former USC Trojan and now-Cowboys starting left tackle, and he has at least as impressive a skill-set as his former linemate D.J. Fluker, who the Chargers took 11th overall in 2013.

Hogs Haven Draft Profile: Cyrus Kouandjio

Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia:

The other RT that could be available to the Redskins at #34. Moses has risen up boards and has recently been mentioned as a 1st round possibility for some teams. Fanspeak gave us a closer look at Moses last month. He is currently ranked #35 overall by CBS Sports.

COMPARES TO: Ryan Clady, OT, Denver Broncos - Like Clady, Morgan enters the draft with plus movement skills for his size, but comes with many of the same questions that Clady did in terms of his ability to gnerate power enough to move defenders consistently as a run-blocker. If he can improve in this area, Moses has the upside to be a top-notch blind-side protector at the next level, as Clady has become.

Hogs Haven Draft Profile: Morgan Moses

Jimmie Ward, S, Northern Illinois:

Ward is the only secondary option listed, and he is considered by some to be on level with with the top two safeties. His coverage skills and versatility would make him an asset in the Redskins secondary. He is currently ranked #41 overall by CBS Sports.

COMPARES TO: Glover Quin, Lions - Quin might not be the most popular player in the league but the six-year veteran out of New Mexico has quietly proven a quality starter despite marginal size (6-0, 205).

Hogs Haven Draft Profile: Jimmie Ward

Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU:

Kyle Van Noy, along with several other OLB prospects, is meeting with the Redskins for workouts this week. The Redskins have to think to the future in case Brian Orakpo does not return next season after receiving the franchise tag this year. Van Noy is a versatile LB, who can play in coverage and get to the QB. Will the Redskins look at a LB this early, or draft on in the mid rounds to develop along with Brandon Jenkins? He is currently ranked #39 overall by CBS Sports.

COMPARES TO: Chad Greenway, Vikings - Greenway might just be the best all-around outside linebacker in the NFL, and comparing any rookie to him is therefore hyperbole. Van Noy plays with similar instincts and efficiency, however, making plays behind the line of scrimmage as well as dropping back into coverage with impressive consistency. He isn't flashy or physically dominant, but ranks among the safer prospects in the 2014 draft.

Hogs Haven Draft Profile: Kyle Van Noy