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Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Seantrel Henderson, OT

Draft profile for a high risk/high reward right tackle out of Miami

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Seantrel Henderson

Offensive Tackle

Height: 6'7" Weight: 331 lbs

40 Time: 5.04 (Outstanding for his size)


Strengths: Prototypical frame. His 6'7", 331 lb measurements are impressive enough on paper but a look at how he carries his weight will 'wow' coaches. Broad-shouldered and thick, with massive hands (10.5") and long arms (34 5/8"). The icing on the cake is his display of athleticism. You wouldn't expect a guy with his size to be as quick out of his stance as he is. You always take what you see from the combine with a grain of salt but his ability to mirror defenders stood out. In the run game he has an knack for getting to and dominating the second level.

Weaknesses: I haven't watched an OT prospect spend more time on the ground than he does. OL coaches will have to work on correcting his tendency to lunge and whiff on blocks from Day 1. Many of his pass protection lapses come from an edge rusher crossing his face. Overall, he is not as powerful as you would expect, displaying a preference for sealing rather than mauling. Henderson has underachiever traits with multiple Red Flags. A short, 26-start college career was marred with injuries, suspensions (marijuana), and benchings.

Bottom Line: About as high-risk/high-reward as a guy can be if you are counting on Henderson to come in and compete as a Right Tackle. Questions of his desire for the game were validated when he failed to finish his Pro Day on April 3. His size and skill make him a coach's dream but his intangibles could make that dream a nightmare if he shows up unmotivated.

Projected Round: 5

Teams He Fits Best On: Dolphins, Bengals, Redskins, Ravens.

Highlight Reel: Watch how quick he gets out of his stance at 1:24. Watch him get blown up and beat at 2:13.

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Seantrel Henderson - 2014 Draft Profile (via Erik Ward)