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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Andre Roberts made news by scratching his head over what the addition of DeSean Jackson means to his role.


1. The annual SB Nation NFL writers mock draft is well underway and the second round is fast approaching. As I ponder what to do with our top pick in the upcoming draft, I notice that there are still some offensive linemen available. More interestingly, a couple of the safeties that we all like to think we may have a chance at next month--Calvin Pryor and HaHa Clinton-Dix--are both gone. Stay tuned for Hogs Haven's heralded Draft GM series coming in the next day or so. I will be leaning on the outcome of the vote there for our picks, but if I have to go outside the final vote to save us all from ourselves, I will fall on that sword! Don't worry, I don't see any kickers that merit a second round grade.

2. Much is being made of the Andre Roberts interview on "Inside the Locker Room" last Thursday with Doc Walker, Brian Mitchell and Scott Jackson. Roberts figured to be the No. 2 receiver coming into the season after he was signed on the first day of free agency. After adding DeSean Jackson, it would seem that the Redskins have s different pecking order in mind. As far as I'm concerned, Jay Gruden's offense has plenty of room for more than just two receivers to shine. As long as Robert Griffin III makes his progressions and does a good job of spreading the ball around, Roberts will get the rock in his hands on offense. What stood out to me about this interview that is getting overshadowed by Roberts' musings on no longer being No. 2 is that he really wants to be a returner for us. He would be an upgrade for us, but more importantly, his energy and eagerness to involve himself there is a clear indication to me that Roberts wants to make an impact for this team in any way he can. Sure, he probably wishes he could be featured higher up the food chain at wide receiver, but what I heard was a guy who thinks he can make a difference with the ball in his hands. (As a side note, does this make anyone else think about when Shanahan tried to form a 14-receiver platoon a few years ago? Eddie Royal was announced as a team signing, shortly before he was announced as a San Diego Charger. After the team signed Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan, Royal had to be wondering how many wide receivers Mike Shanahan intended to play at any given time--we already had Santana Moss and at the time, Leonard Hankerson and Aldrick Robinson factored heavily into Shanahan's plans.)

3. DeSean Jackson is obviously a great return threat as well, but I can't see putting him out there for every single punt. I think his pace is more along the lines of one punt return per game. My question to you today: How many times per game would you put DeSean Jackson back to receive punts? I think it goes without saying that if it were Week 17, and the New York Giants were punting to us with the playoffs on the line, DJax is the guy all of us would send back there--even if he had already returned a punt that game. This issue involves your appetite for injury risk, your belief in other players and their abilities and whether or not we have anyone else that you believe in at all.

4. Not that Andre Roberts would ever hope for a teammate to suffer an injury, but we have had a real problem keeping wide receivers healthy the last few seasons. Pierre Garcon missed a ton of action two seasons ago, and DeSean Jackson, while reasonably durable over his career, is certainly capable of getting nicked. Having three receivers at the top of the depth chart like we do right now is a luxury we have not had in a very long time. If something were to happen to one of them, you could still do a lot of damage with the other two. Of course, this also partly depends on Jordan Reed's ability to stay healthy, as well the emergence of a steady receiving threat out of the backfield. I hate myself for saying this...but I feel really good about this receiving corps!

5. Almost regardless of how you feel about either Aldrick Robinson or Leonard Hankerson, they are also luxuries to have at the bottom of the wide receiver depth chart. Think about it: we have been relying guys like Aldrick and Hank at the top of the depth chart for years. Behind those kinds of players has been a revolving door of journeymen and rookies. How many arguments have we had about the prospects of retreads contributing to our offense from the wide receiver position over the years? Don't get me wrong: guys like Dezmon Briscoe, Jabar Gaffney, Terrence Austin and Donte Stallworth were all worthy of the time we spent arguing about how good any of them are or were. I mean...I really am searching for reasons I am missing that would explain why our current group of receivers does not represent a HUGE upgrade over what we have had in the recent past. I can't come up with those reasons.

6. Speaking on behalf of Hogs Haven (as Hogs Haven, even), I can say that we do not believe Robert Griffin III should be traded, and we do not believe he is an impediment to the future success of this franchise. I understand that Daniel Kelly suggested the opposite. I love that just because a guy suggests such an outrageous thing, people think he is lying about his former job, or worse. Come on. It was just one former scout's opinion (yes, he was a former pro scout) about a few players. People like him are (or were) paid to take the contrarian side on debates about every player in the entire league. You can disagree and even disregard someone's opinion any time you want to around here--I do all the time. I spoke to Daniel last night, and I told him, "Who would have thought people would miss your Jesus material?" Ha! I told him I disagreed with him. I especially love that an unpopular opinion goes up and people assume I am overwhelmed and being tricked by a guy who is overstating the level of his NFL experience. I have the luxury of believing in my heart that RG3 is going to have an insanely great year in 2014. I have the luxury of believing in my heart that while flawed, LaRon Landry was one of the better safeties we have seen around here in recent seasons. I have the luxury of believing in my heart that Jay Gruden is in the right place at the right time to make some real magic happen. All of this aligns me with the majority of you out there. Let the people who disagree with us have a space. Until Daniel Kelly starting posting on Sundays, we had next to nothing going up on this site that day that drew this kind of shitstorm. It was a forgotten day in our weekly schedule because so many of the rest of the writers are focused on weekday articles. I understand that this writer may have turned plenty of you off out there with his last two posts, but in my role as managing editor, I am absolutely looking for someone to do some boat-rocking. Some of you may remember that it was Kevin and Parks that really took a lot of bullets in years past as the resident boat-rockers. Try and remember that--as it pertains to football--there is a wide spectrum of belief out there. Let's not waste time lashing out at those who occupy the opposite end of the spectrum. I'm not worried about Daniel, though. From what I understand, once you've worked under Bill Parcells, you can take a beating in a comments section. The Dude GIF at the top of the article really was the greatest GIF response I have seen in a very, very long time. Nice job, HogHunter. (I was also partial to scarlet_epiderm's Dwight Schrute poster.)