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Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Max Bullough, ILB

Hogs Haven takes a look at NFL prospects heading into the 2014 NFL Draft.


Max Bullough

Inside Linebacker

Height: 6' 3 1/2", Weight: 249 lbs

Michigan State

Strengths: Intelligent football player who diagnoses plays quickly. He really understands the game from both sides of the ball. Bullough was a two-year captain for one of the best defenses in college football and is known to have very good character. He leads vocally and by example.

Bullough is also known for playing a very physical brand of football. Excels against the run. He's wildly strong and a very good tackler who consistently gives good effort. He really loves football and it's obvious.

Weaknesses: On the downside, Bullough is not an explosive player and an average athlete at best. Plays a bit tight and doesn't do very well in space. Struggles in pass coverage, especially man. He has limited speed and agility.

It should also be noted that Bullough was suspended for the Rose Bowl, but no one quite knows why. Clearly disciplinary reasons for breaking some team policy, but I couldn't find out exactly. According to Bullough, every NFL team knows the reason and all should/will be fine with it.

Bottom Line: Five words: big, tough, experienced, durable, and competitive. He's a Mike LB who is a leader. Plays with a tremendous amount of heart and has been the soul of the Michigan St. defense. Coaches think of him as a coach on the field. The real question is how do his great instincts and technique weigh versus his lack of athleticism.

Player Comparison: I've seen Brian Urlacher, but I think that's reaching a little bit high. I'd say more Erin Henderson.

Projected Round: 5-6

Team(s) He Fits Best On: Bears, Vikings, or Bills