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Redskins Meeting with DE Scott Crichton Today

Add another pre-draft visit to the list, this time the Redskins meet with a defensive end.

The Redskins have another visit lined up today with a defensive player. Oregon State DE Scott Crichton is reportedly visiting the team today following workouts with the Patriots, Falcons, Panthers, and Bills. He is projected to be a 4-3 defensive end in the NFL, but feels that he could play Outside Linebacker in a 3-4 if asked. In his 3 years at Oregon State, Crichton has 165 tackles, 51 TFL, 22.5 Sacks, 9 Passes Defended, and 10 Forced Fumbles.

The question is, what position do the Redskins envision Crichton playing for them if he was drafted? He is currently projected as a 2nd Round talent in this year's draft. Almost everyone will tell you that Crichton's natural position will be a 4-3 DE. Jim Haslett talks about the amount of time the Redskins are in Nickel Defense(60%+), but would Crichton be brought in to play as a situational pass rusher on the line, or be converted to OLB?

Is there a role you want to play in the NFL? Do you think you can handle being an outside linebacker in a 3-4? Do you prefer having your hand in the dirt in a 4-3?

I prefer having my hand in the dirt, but I wouldn't mind playing as a 3-4 linebacker or a rush linebacker. I'll do whatever for whatever team I play for. I'll just adjust.

CBS Sports Analysis:

STRENGTHS: Possesses a well-built frame with good overall musculature. Times the snap well, showing good initial quickness off the ball to cross the face of offensive tackles. He uses his hands very well, frequently chopping and ripping through opponents' attempts to latch onto him and possesses good core strength, showing the ability to simply bull-rush would-be blockers into the pocket. Holds up well in the running game, showing the power to anchor, as well as lateral agility and balance to string plays out to the sideline. Good strength in his hands to grab hold of ball-carriers for the drag-down tackle. High-revving motor. Pursues laterally and downfield with passion. Time in the weight room has been obvious, as Crichton has added over 30 pounds to his frame since his high school days.

WEAKNESSES: While possessing an impressive build, Crichton's physique does not lend itself well to flexibility, however, making him a bit stiff when changing directions. Further, he does not possess ideal straight-line speed for the position and relies more on anticipation rather than closing speed to track down ball-carriers. As such, Crichton is limited to the schemes and roles in which he's likely to be successful in the NFL.

COMPARES TO: Brian Robison, Minnesota Vikings - Like Robison, Crichton isn't an elite athlete but he takes full advantage of the traits he does possess and plays with a terrific motor. At worst, he should emerge as a quality member of the rotation early in his career and could develop into a quite effective complementary pass-rusher.