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The DeSean Jackson Waiting Game Continues

Day 2 in DC is almost over.

DeSean Jackson got into town yesterday to a small swarm of reporters from Philly and DC looking for a quote or a sound bite to use. He was then taken for the customary Redskins Free Agency dinner at Morton's. Later, he was seen at the clubs with Wale, Pierre Garcon, and DeAngelo Hall. Being the gentleman they are, the Redskins executives even bought him breakfast the morning after. Impact-Site-Verification: 208108756

This afternoon DeSean came to Redskins Park with his agent, Joel Segal, stayed for a 3 hour tour, and went on his merry way. He did leave Segal behind to try to work out some kind of deal with the team. There has been flirting on both sides, with both sides "wanting" to seal the deal. But there are other teams calling, some even called during dinner at Morton's. And really, who does that? We even had Jackson's bitter ex tearing his picture off their walls like a scorned lover.

DeSean Jackson is supposedly staying in town tonight, along with his agent. There were reports that he would fly out to meet the dinnerupters if he couldn't get a deal done. The Cleveland Shanahans are also reportedly calling for a date with our guy, and they've got a big...wallet. Join us as we avoid all human contact and stare at the scrolling twitter feeds for a sliver of hope that he signs here, or more importantly, signs somewhere else.