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Dan Snyder Open To Name Change in 2025

Wait...what day is this? The First of April? Hmmmmmmm...

Scott Cunningham

In 2025, the owner of the Washington Redskins will likely be very open to changing the name...-ing rights of the stadium. You see, that is when the 27-year deal between FedEx and the Redskins is reportedly set to expire. The deal in place right now nets Dan north of $7.5 million every year. In related news, the naming rights for my house, my truck and my couch are all up for grabs. I'm not saying it will cost you $7.5 million for any one of them, but you should bid extremely aggressively.

My guess is that FedEx would have the best chance to keep the naming rights, but I would have no idea really since Dan does not consult me on such issues.

Wait, did you think I meant...?

Oh, jeez.

This is awkward. I can see why you may have thought that from the title, but this is just a naming rights article updating our readers on when the FedEx naming rights contract runs out.

As far as I know, Dan Snyder has no plans to change anything else about his operations.

Happy April 1st, y'all!

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