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BREAKING: Redskins Bring Back Orakpo Under Franchise Tag

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Brian Orakpo will be back with the Burgundy and Gold in 2014.

Patrick Smith

The Washington Redskins announced today that outside linebacker Brian Orakpo will be back on a one year deal under the franchise tag that will pay him a salary of $11.455 million in 2014. They could not reach an agreement on a long term contract for the six-year pro who had 10 sacks last season, but who has also battled injuries and faced criticism about disappearing in big situations throughout his career.

The Redskins chose Orakpo with the 13th overall pick in the 2009 draft. In five seasons in the NFL, he has played in 64 regular season games and has produced 230 tackles and 39.5 sacks. He was named to the NFL's All-Rookie Team in 2009 and has also been to three Pro Bowls (2009, 2010, 2013). He missed all but two games in the 2012 season with a torn pectoral muscle. Heading into the 2014 signing period, he was ranked as the second best overall free agent by