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Hogs Haven Event at Yur's in Portland, Oregon

Former Redskins great Terry Hermeling is hosting a Hogs Haven meetup at his bar in downtown Portland, Oregon. Come for the cheap whiskey, stay for the free popcorn.

You know what I always say: "Give the people what they want."

With that in mind, it is my pleasure to announce that Hogs Haven is traveling to Portland! I happen to know that there is a very solid representation of Redskins fans out there and I am hoping to meet as many of them as I can.

Where: Yur's Bar and Grill

When: Friday, March 21 @7:30

On Friday night, we will be gathering at Yur's, one of Portland's best dive bars and the preferred game-watching venue for area Redskins fans. In fact, it is owned by former Washington Redskin offensive lineman Terry Hermeling.

As an offensive lineman from 1970-80, Terry played on the 1972 NFC Championship team, and was a stalwart tackle on the 1975 team that led the league in passing. I'll be sure to ask him about Bruce Allen! George Allen was the coach from 1971-77, and we all know Bruce was around the team back then (he went off to college in 1974).

"I'm guessing Terry played before your time," he said to the vast majority of readers who barely remember watching John Friesz suit up for the burgundy and gold. To be fair, Terry played before my time as well, but did you know:

He is one of the 80 Greatest Redskins!

I will do my best to get a story or two out of Terry on Friday night. If you live anywhere near Portland, Oregon...I expect to see you out there. We will be playing classic Redskins video highlights on the big screen.