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Redskins Sign OT Bruce Campbell [Update]

The Redskins signed their 2nd Offensive Lineman in Free Agency today.

Bruce Campbell played college football at Maryland, and is returning to the area to play for the Redskins on a 1 year deal. Campbell was a 4th round pick by the Oakland Raiders who was traded to the Carolina Panthers for RB Mike Goodson. He was waived/injured and placed on IR last preseason due to a rotator cuff injury that required surgery. Campbell is considered an athletic freak that hasn't lived up to his potential so far in the NFL. He has been active in 19 games, but never started during his 3 healthy seasons. His minimum contract, with a $25k signing bonus plus incentives, puts him in the depth/camp competition category for free agency signings.

UPDATE 3/13 12:27 p.m.: Bruce Campbell agreed to terms with the Redskins yesterday, but has yet to officially sign the contract. Mike Jones tweets that the holdup could be issues with his physical. We'll keep you posted.