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Happy Free Agency Season Redskins Fans!

The league new year is almost upon us, and for Washington Redskins fans, free agency will once again involve Dan Snyder's money.

This is not meant to be a distraction from the other posts we have tracking the news and collecting comments. (I will write any article just to be able to use that picture of Snyder.) I just wanted to pass along my holiday wishes to my fellow Redskins fans. I feel like Christmas got canceled the last two years and we are finally able to come down the stairs to a tree with actual presents under it. I thought this might be a good thread to offer stories from past free agency sprees. I thought this might be a good thread to forget about past free agency sprees.

I want to thank all the Hogs Haven staff for keeping up with all the news and moves. Once we get a few days in and things start to slow down in free agency, we will take stock.

Quickly, I still have hope that we will get Anthony Collins. Alex Mack may not be a guy we have a chance at, but if we land Collins, it is still a big win in my book. There is no way we don't target a wide receiver, and how we go about this is causing me a lot of anxiety. On the defensive side of the ball, so much is happening this morning with players on the trading block that could end up being released. As the morning unfolds, I am becoming more and more convinced that the Redskins are going to end up with a player that none of us ever saw coming.

Maybe it is because adding guys like Julius Peppers and Darrelle Revis to the equation shuffles the deck just enough to move a guy into Washington that otherwise would not have come here. Maybe it is because a bidding war doesn't materialize and a player chooses Washington's offer over a comparable one.

One thing is for sure: if you ever wanted to upgrade an offensive line like ours, this free agency class is the one to take a bite out of.