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Later Round Linemen who Could Help the Redskins

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

We have currently entered into full-out draft mode on Hogs Haven. The profiles are flying around, mock drafts are abundant, and the amateur GM's are coming out of the woodwork.

The big debate on Hogs Haven seems to focus on what positions will be the target of the 34th pick in the 2014 draft. I think we all agree that the offensive line NEEDS a major upgrade this offseason, but the discussion centers around just how to accomplish this monumental task.

I'm a big fan of adding at least two free agents - one at right tackle, and a center, in free agency. I would however like the Redskins to select a linemen or two in the draft as developmental prospects.

Below are a list of guys I'd like to see us target with picks after the third round:

Marcus Martin: C  USC  6'3" 310 - Martin is my favorite offensive line prospect outside the top three rounds. He has excellent feet, great hands, and plays until the whistle. He could be a steal in the mid-rounds.

Projected round:  4th-5th

James Hurst: OT  NC  6'5" 305 - If it were not for injury, we could be talking about Hurst with our 34th pick; he's that good. Hurst has great size, with a frame to add 10 pounds. He has solid feet, with excellent hands.

Projected round:  4th-5th

Chris Watt: OG  ND  6'3" 321 - Watt won't wow you with athleticism, but he is technically sound. He plays with great leverage, and has a nasty streak you like to see in linemen.

Projected round:  4th-5th

Matt Patchan: OT  BC  6'5" 305 - The Florida transfer has had numerous injuries, both on the field, and off, but when he's healthy, he's got the skill set to be an NFL offensive tackle.

projected round:  6th-7th

Please add your favorite later round offensive line prospect in the comments section, and discuss.