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Daily Slop: Joe Gibbs ‘excited’ About Jay Gruden’s Hiring; Cousins has not Demanded Trade from Redskins

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web


Source: Kirk Cousins has not demanded trade from Redskins | Comcast SportsNet Washington
The source said Cousins is not "unhappy" in Washington and is "not in a rush" to bolt town, either. But the person added that Cousins is a competitor and wants to play and, to that end, would welcome the opportunity to become a starter somewhere in the NFL.

Big changes in the middle of the Redskins' O-line? | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Redskins position outlook: Interior offensive line | Comcast SportsNet Washington

5 Lessons the Playoffs and Super Bowl Hopefully Taught the Redskins |

A look at 5 things that you typically see from the teams in the playoffs including the Super Bowl that the Redskins are currently lacking.

Alfred Morris on RGIII and Daniel Snyder
"I really don’t know, because I don’t pay much attention, to be honest with you," Morris said. "Around the facility, it’s something that you don’t see. Maybe outside of that they may have a good relationship, but we don’t know. Mr. Snyder comes in, and usually he’s in his office or he’s taking care of front-office stuff. Robert is always with us. So we never see them together, so I really wouldn’t know the type of relationship they have.

Joe Gibbs ‘excited’ about Jay Gruden’s hiring, believes Redskins will get back to a Super Bowl under Daniel Snyder
"I do," Gibbs said. "A lot of people ask me questions. And of course every time I get a chance to talk about Dan, I try to tell people that when I was there he did every single thing he could do to help me win. And when we lost football games, it was my responsibility, not his. He did his part. And if it was 12 o’clock [midnight] on free agency, he was there with me and we wouldn’t leave until 8 in the morning. So I really feel like Dan — all it takes is the right combination. If we get the right combination together, I think Dan will do what he needs to do as an owner. That’s for sure."

DeAngelo Hall, Redskins have started talks on new multiyear contract

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Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris talks about playing with the Redskins in 2013 and what the future holds for the team.

Five Thoughts: Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins - ESPN
It’s not big news that Kirk Cousins would like to go somewhere he can at least compete for a starting job. But here’s the deal: You h

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NFL could make its instant-replay rulings more centralized
The NFL is considering a change to the manner in which officiating decisions are made when instant-replay reviews are involved. It is possible that members of the NFL’s officiating department who are stationed at the league’s offices in New York will participate in instant-replay rulings in the future. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday that the league’s competition committee will study the issue and make a recommendation to the owners of the teams.

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The Seahawks seemed to play at a faster speed than the Broncos, with highlight moments sprinkled all across the Seattle defense.

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