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Thick Skin'd: Free Agency Splurge

Welcome to everyone's favorite part of the offseason, debating things we have no control over.

Hogs Haven is a community that was created to allow everyone(mostly Ken) to have a chance to share their crazy ideas for their favorite team, the Washington Redskins.  The more out there the idea, the bigger the argument, but sometimes it is the simplest, most obvious ideas that create the greatest amount of debate among the regulars of this blog.  The offensive line crew vs the offensive weapons, trade up vs trade down, Pat White vs Rex Grossman, Tiller vs Shoup, etc...

In the words of our fearless leader, "One thing I love about our site is that people do feel strongly about their opinions, and they voice them. On these "VIP Lounge" posts, it would be a place where constructive argument and heated debate are possible without anyone’s feelings getting trampled on. It will be the home of thick skinned."

Each week we will be giving you a place to discuss a topic, tear apart the opposing side's argument, and win the battle for your side.  Everyone plays GM on their couch and in front of their computers, and we have all cursed the ownership/management/players/fans of this team, so do what you do best and tell us how you would run the team.  I will be here to keep the conversation on topic, and there will be a wrap-up post on the weekend to highlight some of the best points/arguments made during the week.

The opening topic for this weekly series is one that is near and dear to Daniel Snyder's heart, free agency, also known as football Christmas.  Redskins One is fueled, and the offseason championship belts from past years are being polished for display at Redskins Park next to the Lombardis.  Reports indicate that the salary cap is rising faster than Jerruh's plastic surgery bills. With the reported $132-135 million salary cap for next season, use your inner Snyderrato to make your case for the one free agent signing we have to make.  This signing can ignore all cap implications, future cap, roster depth, logic, reason, and sanity.  This is your free agency/fantasy football crush that you have been secretly(or not so secretly) drooling over, thinking about him playing for the Redskins.  So there it is, the chum's in the water, let's do what we do best without real football, tear each other apart.

Who is the one free agent signing that would make you get your Fred Davis on this offseason?

Here is a list of some of the top names in free agency to help you get started:

Jimmy Graham, TE, New Orleans

Jarius Byrd, FS, Buffalo Bills

T.J. Ward, SS, Cleveland Browns

Eric Decker, WR, Denver Broncos

Alex Mack, C, Cleveland Browns

Aqib Talib, CB, New England Patriots

Donald Butler, ILB, San Diego Chargers

Wesley Woodyard, ILB, Denver Broncos

Pat McAfee, P, Indianapolis Colts

Rules of Engagement:

1. Attack the argument, not the person making it.  Bad: "Your such an  $&^*# idiot, Decker is not worth $10 mil/year."

2. Try to stay on the current topic.  Bringing up past arguments/players does not help the current discussion, and dissolves into a pissing contest.

3. These posts are meant to breed debate, not hurt feelings.  If you can't have a discussion without getting your feelings hurt or insulting someone else, this might not be the post for you.

4. If anyone gets out of line, flag them and move on.  It will be taken care of, engaging them only makes it worse.