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Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Kenny Ladler, FS

Hogs Haven takes a look at NFL prospects heading into the 2014 draft

Al Messerschmidt

Kenny Ladler

Free Safety

Height: 6' 0", Weight: 200


Strengths: Ladler was a sprinter in high school and brought his speed to Vandy. He has good instincts and vision. He is a good open field tackler and attacks quickly to defend against the run. Ladler forced five fumbles during the 2013 season, which is a Vanderbilt record. He also finished the season with 91 tackles and five interceptions. Ladler also has experience on both sides of the special teams unit.

Weaknesses: Ladler has a bit of an issue with control. He does not change directions particularly well. He can also fail to wrap up during tackles, resulting in a miss.

Bottom Line: Ladler has improved every year at Vanderbilt. HE has good size, good speed, and good technique. He'll be a solid pick  for whichever team drafts him.

Projected round: 4-5

Team He Fits Best On: Redskins, Cowboys, Bengals

Kenny Ladler vs South Carolina (2012) (via Adrian Ahufinger)