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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Long snappers, tight ends and draft dilemmas...oh my!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

1. Some of you might have already seen some video from Kevin and I's night of bowling with Nick Sundberg, but I wanted to make sure you got a chance to see how a long snapper picks up a spare. I am pretty sure that bowling alleys don't want you to try this yourselves, but there weren't any managers that I saw that were eager to tell Nick Sundberg what to do. Enjoy:

2. Shameless plug for the only other video on the YouTube channel there (I had forgotten it was there): The Redskins Office. It has been a solid two years since we put that video together, and parts of it still make me laugh. Kevin plays his nerdy Dwight Schrute character very well, and I put my terrible acting skills on display. Chase Hughes and Sebastian Salazar round out the foursome on screen and Taylor Young filmed and produced it. Now that Sebastian is a big-shot TV guy in Houston, he would probably prefer that I not put this out there...sorry man. (You're just going to have to keep hoping I don't ever get around to producing the sketch where you played Mike Shanahan.) I fully grasp the ghetto-fabulous nature of these things we do, and I fully love it. Nobody is ever going to accuse me of having Oscar ambitions, but I do think these little projects are fun and people seem to like seeing us make fools of ourselves. Look for more of this in the coming months. We are trying to ramp up a handful of these kinds of projects.

3. Good start to the Sixpack...great video of Nick, terrible video of me. The thing that stood out to me the most when talking to Nick on Friday was that he unequivocally shared in our misery over the performance of the special teams last season. He was genuinely disgusted about the results that we all witnessed in 2013. Did you know that over the last two seasons, Sav Rocca's net punting average was over FIVE yards better when Sundberg was long snapping? That gives me a little bit of a better sense of why the team felt so strongly about designating him to return after his injury. Five yards is kind of a lot--way more than I would have guessed.

4. The whole Fred Davis situation is just terrible and sad. No matter what any of us thinks of a guy who has had his share of ups and downs, you never want to see someone have the kind of week that Fred had last week. Here's hoping that Fred finds some peace in his situation in the coming weeks and months. No matter how bad his deal is right now, it could get worse--let's all hope there are some folks around him helping him stay away from that.

5. The more we talk about the draft and free agency, the less I am convinced that taking a wide receiver at the top of the second round is a good decision. I understand that Jay Gruden likes to work the ball to his wide outs down the field. I understand that he likely covets more talent than what we currently have in the fold. I also understand that everyone keeps talking about how deep this wide receiver group is in the upcoming draft. Given that the Redskins have far greater needs than wide receiver at positions where the top of the second round of the draft is likely to yield elite-level talent, I just can't seem to get there on the idea of going with wide receiver. In fact, even though I still believe in my heart that an offensive lineman would be a great investment here, I am cozying up to the idea of there being an inside linebacker worth pouncing on at the top of the second.

6. I am at a real crossroads this week. This is usually about the time I shave my winter beard, and the weather over the last few days has reinforced the notion that it is time. I do see a cold snap on the way, which could justify keeping this monstrosity on my face for a little bit longer, but that means disappointing those who are desperate to see it St. Megan. There's also the children to think about...I always donate my shaved-off beard to "Beards of Love," a charity that helps provide beards to children who are unable to grow their own. Wait a second...what am I thinking? I forgot about the gift that my beard provides each year around this time: porn 'stache! Nevermind...I'm good.