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NFL Combine Drills Day 1 Open Thread

Today begins the on field drills portion of the NFL Combine.

The players have arrived, been measured, poked and prodded medically and mentally, and been grilled by the media.  Now it is time to do some work on the field in the annual Underwear Olympics.  Today will be testing for the tight ends, offensive linemen, and special teams players.  All three of those position groups could be of interest to the Redskins because as Coach Gruden said yesterday, "We have a lot of holes everywhere - not only on offense, but special teams and defense." Coverage begins at 9AM on NFL Network and

Complete List of Combine Participants

2014 Combine Measurement Results:

Running Backs

Wide Receiver


Tight End

Offensive Line

(Defensive Line and Linebacker measurements are today, Defensive backs will be measured tomorrow)

Bench Press Results:

Offensive Line

Tight End