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Hogs Haven Draft Profiles: Dominique Easley, DL

Hogs Haven takes a look at NFL prospects heading into the 2014 NFL Draft.


Dominique Easley

Defensive Lineman

Height: 6'2", Weight: 285 lbs


Strengths: Easley is a versatile and explosive DL prospect. In fact, many believe him to be the most explosive interior lineman available. Easley's first step is unmatched in this draft. He is usually the first person off the LoS and gets in the backfield quickly (where he lives). Though he is a bit undersized, he is one of the quickest 285 lbs men you'll ever see. He is aided by quick, active hands along with excellent core and upper body strength. His strength enables him to hold up very well against the run.

Easley is a polished pass rusher with a variety of very fast moves. These moves allow him to get into the backfield at will where he is also excellent against the run having made a ton of stops in the backfield during his collegiate career. He has an incredibly high motor and always gives a lot of effort. There is no quit in him.

As a bit of an aside, he also seems like a joy to be around. You won't have to search very hard to get a feel for Easley's personality. He is always talking about music, singing, and songs in interviews and is seen dancing and singing a lot during games and practices. He seems to be light-hearted and pretty funny. He's also filming his rehab and documenting the whole process. You can easily find videos of him working on his rehab if you'd like.

Weaknesses: There are two that jump out as red flags right away: durability/long-term health and size. Easley tore his ACL and meniscus in his right knee in September of last year. He had already torn his ACL in his left knee in November of 2011. He proved to be a quick healer the first time having come back in time to start 11 games in 2012, but still. This is obviously a huge concern (especially for Redskins fans). Were they flukes, or is he injury prone?

The other downside is his size, especially for our 3-4 front. Easley only weighs 285 lbs. Geno Atkins, whom Easley is frequently compared to, showed up at his NFL Combine at 6'1", 293 lbs. Atkins is now at 300+ lbs and most believe Easley is not only capable, but that he will gain the 15 lbs to get to 300.

Bottom Line: High risk, high reward. This guy is excellent at pressuring the QB, but will probably need to start off as a situational pass rusher. He's fast, has great instincts, athletic, and very strong for his size. However, the injuries are a major concern. He's obviously best as a 4-3 DT (some think he can even play 4-3 DE), but if he can gain 15 lbs (and get to 300) he may be worth a risk to a 3-4 team.

Player Comparison: "Tank" Carradine and/or Geno Atkins

Projected Round: 2 (probably late second). He'd be a very good value in the third if he fell that far because this guy was a sure-fire first rounder before the most recent injury.

Team(s) He Fits Best On: Giants, Bears, Cowboys, Chiefs, Patriots, 49ers, Broncos, or Redskins

Dominique Easley (via Florida Gators Football)