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Bruce Allen Speaks at NFL Combine

Bruce Allen spoke to reporters today at the NFL Combine on a variety of Redskins topics.

Washington Redskins GM Bruce Allen was not scheduled to speak to reporters today, but took some time to answer a few questions and make some statements regarding the team's plans.  New Head Coach Jay Gruden is scheduled to speak at the Combine today at 3:15PM.

The Redskins are not actively trying to trade Kirk Cousins or other players:

Allen tells the other GMs you call me, I won't be calling you.  Adam Schefter reported earlier today that the Redskins do not have plans to trade Kirk Cousins this year, and Allen seems to be "confirming" this.

Allen plans to meet with Brian Orakpo's agent at the Combine:

Negotiations continue with Rak's agent, and they will try to get closer to a long term deal to avoid using the franchise tag.

DeAngelo Hall was rewarded for his loyalty to the team:

Allen said that DeAneglo expressed his desire to remain with the team to help them become a winning franchise.  His loyalty was rewarded with a new deal that they felt was fair to the team and Hall.

Allen doesn't think this year's draft is as deep as other GM's are saying:

Bruce stated that every draft has their gems, but the overall talent may be overstated by some others.  Also notes that Doug Williams will be sitting in on player meetings this weekend.

He is disappointed in the Fred Davis situation:

The team is not allowed to talk with Davis due to his suspension, but Allen said he was disappointed.