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Mike Mayock Predicts Wide Receiver in Second Round for Redskins

When Mike Mayock speaks, knowledge is dropped. Pick it up here.


I dare you to try and not learn something from Mike Mayock. The man oozes information and yesterday, he dumped a bucket load of it onto the world during his 2014 NFL Scouting Combine Press Conference. NFL Network was kind enough to transcribe the whole thing, and as always, it is a great read.

Good news, Redskins fans: this draft is as deep as they come. We've been saying and hearing this for over a year, and it continues to extremely true. One aspect of this draft class' depth that we won't get a taste of comes in the form of its first round talent. Mayock isn't the first to suggest that teams will land Top Ten players well into the bottom half of the first round. Still, multiple positions are loaded, and as it turns out, the Redskins have needs at multiple positions.

As I alluded to in the title, Mayock feels that Jay Gruden is going to want to add a talented player to his wide receiver corps at the top of the second round.

...I think at [the Redskins position in the second round], wide receiver kind of matches up with who Jay wants to be and Jay wants three, four, five quality wide outs, and he wants to push the ball down the field. He sits there early in the second round and who is going to be there, (Jarvis) Landry? I would sprint to the podium if I could get Landry [there].

When Mike speaks, I listen. I would have a hard time arguing with the selection of a right tackle or even a starting caliber cornerback, but if we bring in a play-making wide receiver that is ready to contribute immediately, we would all be happy.

I feel like Gandalf when I say, "Now begins the age of flip-flopping from position to position as I become enamored with any one of 50 different players in this draft."

Cue the Mayock GIF.